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I do not normally take much heed of the Hebrew calendar but of late the Holy Spirit has been showing me, little by little that God operates according to these seasons and times.  With these thoughts in my heart I was directed by the Holy Spirit to seek out the present Hebrew month.  Presently we are in the 11th month, the month of Sh'vat which means in Jewish tradition the month that the sap arises in the trees.  It is therefore the beginning of new life emerging from the barrenness of the cold and dry season.  This is the time of the rains and new life ready to blossom out.

Other prophetic words have called this the season of metamorphosis or re alignment, re positioning or a season of transformation.  What ever label we wish to place on this season I hear the Holy Spirit say that this is a critical time and important season in our pressing forward into the Father’s heart.  I believe that we are on the cusp of something mega and magnificent in the Body of Christ that needs to be guarded with a sound mind and a sober heart.

For I hear the Holy Spirit say – ‘Do not shrink back; do not hesitate; do not draw back.’  This is a time of boldness and perseverance; certainly not for a faint heart.  This is the time when we need to draw on the spirit of boldness.  Fear has no place in our hearts at the present time.

Stand firm for I have set before you and open door, a door of hope which as you stand firm and not waver will be found.  Place your trust in me says the Lord and turn not your eyes to your circumstances for the enemy lies in wait in the peripheries.  Do not shrink back in these last moments for the best is yet to come, for as the sap rises in the tress to bring forth bud so to is the Holy Spirit ready to break your life into glorious blossom and flower.

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Father I ask for your power and revelation to rest upon each person in your body, that they may taste your glory and see your presence for I do wish any to shrink path from their calling at this time.  Protect your family Lord with Christ-like boldness and a strong heart, anchor them deep into your Love Father so that no one can pluck them from your hand.  Satan shall not have any of your children at this time for they are washed in the blood and sanctified by your word.

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