Do we cry from Faith of Fear?

When life deals us an upper cut that takes the wind out of our sails, do we turn to God for help out of panic or faith? Good question you may add, but there is a fine line between being anxious or confident in the future when we are gasping for breathes.

I can relate to this when I was told in the opticians that because my left eye failed the test I had glaucoma and was going blind in both eyes. I never saw that blow coming. That night I cried to God, partly out of fear and hopefully more out of faith. Many of us here on this site have been dealt a blow out of left field that has almost taken us out. Is our cry to God born in fear, worried about the future, anxious how we will cope; or do we stand firm in faith knowing that God is our Father and he will care for us?

There are three truths that God has been showing me:-

1/ My grace is sufficient for you...(2 Corinthians. 12:9) God’s resources are more than adequate to handle any emergency that we face. He has all bases covered. God will not be caught out when we have a ‘below the belt’ experience. In fact to cry out to God in a panic is the questions Gods provision for us.

2/ God has, and will provide a way out. (1 Corinthians. 10:13) Again God has all eventualities covered. He is our shield. He understands our situation and monitors our ‘vitals’ every second and the moment he senses that we are going to loose it, he steps in.

3/ It is his strength not mine. (Philippians 4:13) This is a fundamental tenant of following Christ – it is all his work and effort, as we need to relax and surrender our self. The moment we try to work it out we step into unbelief and hinder Gods amazing life giving power.

Jesus said to consider the lilies of the field, to take note of the sparrows – are these not cared for by our loving Father? Since God cares for even the common sparrow and lilies, will he not care for you? Why then do we panic and cry out to God in desperation? Can it be that we do not have a close relationship with him? Is because we do not trust him at his word? Do we doubt that God can really look after us?

Do we really trust the Lord? That he is able, faithful and willing to do what he said he would? If we do, then why don't we pray or believe like we should? Why do we not cast our cares on him and leave them there instead of picking them back up and trying to do it ourselves?

The more I come to understand God and his ways that he wants me to walk, the more I come to realize that it is far better to rest in God and wait on him. I think we can truthfully say that we know this truth in our mind, but our heart has not yet caught up and whispers different orders to us. In today’s ‘instant mentality’ where we expect things to happen within seconds, waiting on God seems, well, so yesterdays thinking.

I am reminded of the scripture that tells us that those who wait on the Lord will mount up as eagles. I am also drawn to this verse in (Jeremiah 17:5) which causes me to shudder and fear God with intensity in my heart.

God wants us to be prepared to trust him. He wants us to learn how to depend totally on him for everything, completely surrendering to his will. Then comes the calm and rest as we enter into his promised land and milk and honey.
I have said this before, but I will say it again – how will we cope with the coming days of uncertainty before the Lord returns? In fear or faith?