Donald Trumps historic summit with Kim Jong-un

I believe that many of us, myself included, will be embarrassed when we stand before the Lord and the books are opened to learn that we did not recognized the Lord in his workings.  The classic example are the Pharisees who knew the scriptures but had their own ideas of how the Messiah would come and the function that he would perform.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have our ideas of the workings of God as he deals with individuals and nations.  This is because our understanding of God has been shaped by the world for we have not stood in the courts of the Lord and allowed our thinking to be renewed.  We have not listened to the voice of the Good Shepherd for his voice has been drowned out by our own understanding.

I trace this back to a gradual loss over the generations regarding the fear of the Lord; coupled with our inability to change out thinking to walk by the spirit, not sight.

All these thoughts were brought to my attention by the Holy Spirit as the news unfolded over the last few days of the historical meeting in Singapore.  President Trump has been likened to a present-day Cyrus by many within Christendom particularly as he his is officially claimed as the 45th president and aligned with Isaiah 45.

Isaiah 45:1 prophesizes that Trump will subdue nations and strip Kings of their armour as he is Gods anointed for this hour.  I know I am walking on egg shells here with many believers who cannot reconcile Trumps character with being chosen by God.

But this is my point: we believe that Gods ways are not our ways but when God does something that is outside our Pharisaic views we scoff at Gods dealings.  How can this be?  Are we not being hypocritical?  For I am convinced by the Holy Spirit that Trump is God anointed for this season, for God can chose whom he wills to bring down nations and to rise up nations.  Does the pot question the potter?  Is the servant above his Master?

Was not Pharaoh a ‘heathen’ when God used him during the Exodus.  I am sure the first Cyrus was not a follower of Jehovah.  Was King Xerxes honouring Jehovah when he spared the Jews in his kingdom?  Why then do we ‘scoff’ at President Trump hurling word curses at him and deny that he is chosen by God?

I am fully aware of the consequences of reaching out my hand and denouncing the Lords ch0sen for I desire to stand before the throne and not be stripped of my wedding garments.

This calling forth of Trump as Gods anointed has nothing to do with American politics for God is well above political systems.  Besides I live in NZ and know ‘diddly squat’ about the US political system.  No, this is about acknowledging God hand in the worldly affairs as they are being played out before our very eyes and to get behind Gods plans in prayer and pray Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This is a call from the Holy Spirit for the church to wake up and smell the sweet aroma of prayers being offered up to God for POTUS and to eagerly join in.


PS – This was not a blog I wanted to write and I struggled with God over many hours before surrendering to his will.