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I know that I am on safe ground when I proclaim that there will be an increase in earthquakes as we approach the end times. It is written numerous times in the scriptures that the birth pangs of the earth will be accompanied by famines, signs in the heavens and earthquakes.  The so called end time chapter in Matthew 24 alludes to the proliferation of the earth trembling and opening up.

I was reminded of this as I read of the recent earthquakes that struck in California and Indonesia.  Here in NZ there have been evidence of many small tremors, often in places that have not been considered earthquake prone.

As I was praying seeking a word for this blog I heard the word, 'Earthquake.'  I immediately thought of Gods judgement being let loose on the earth, hence I said, 'This is too negative and full of sorrow and sadness.'  The Holy Spirit replied with. 'I will summon the earthquakes to reflect my power, majesty and glory.'

As I reflected and prayed into this revelation the more I realized that so often we fail to hear the new thing that God is calling and revealing to his people.  Traditionally earthquakes in the scripture allude so often to judgement and Gods wrath being poured out on the earth.  Now I am not to say this understanding has been wrong.  The point I sensed in my spirit, that the Holy Spirit was saying to me was forget the former things for I an about to revel new ways of thinking and understanding of my word.

I can sense at this stage that I will have lost a number of readers as they can despise the prophetic, for unless one can point to chapter and verse, any so called new revelation will be dismissed.  This I can understand for any 'new word' needs to be tested and anchored into the scriptures.  I can point to Matthew 27:51 where it is recorded that the rocks were split on the dearth of Christ.  Gods power, glory and majesty on display during the crucifixion!

I then heard the Lord saying it is time to focus away from earthly understandings which dwell on a theology of doom and gloom and to look into the face of the Father.  For in the face of the Father you will find strength to face your mountains and the way before you will be opened up as the waves parted in the Red Sea.

I want to encourage you to discover Gods word in the earthquakes, rather than an earthly understanding that boarders on a demonic moment.  Jennifer LeClaire of the Awakening House of Prayer has recently been teaching how our mantle/covering can be torn.  I believe this is one way in which our 'robe of righteousness' can be torn or made dirty.  By not looking into the face of Jesus in the happenings upon the earth, and on the circumstances that impinge into our personal life's, we are opening the door to the crouching lion.

We talk of God bringing us into new seasons, new alignments, new assignments and so on; but if our thinking does not equate with Gods moving forward, we are like a drunken person who staggers and reels.

I encourage you to look into the face of Jesus as you contemplate the earthquakes that are happening throughout the word and in so doing, find strength and power that God will open up a way forward for you as your paths will be made straight and the waves will part before you.  God is indeed full of glory power and majesty that he longs to share with you.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Good word John!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree!

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

A very challenging word indeed!

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