Ezekiel 37s time has Come



Can you feel it in your spirit?  Can you seers, see it in the heavens?  Are your hearts quickened my prophets when you speak of an increase in the Lords activities with a holy wind blowing across the land?  To me I believe that there is a quickening in the Lords ministries and an increased tempo in visions, dreams angelic visitations and blessings/warfare.

In the midst of this exciting activity I was drawn into the Fathers heart and I heard the following.

God is sending out his angles to call us to partner with him in prophesying over the dry bones as shown in Ezekiel 37.  Now is the time in Gods plans for these dry bones in the valley of despair, who have been overlooked and forgotten all these years.  Now is the time for these dry dusty bones to have life breathed into them so that they may be flesh and blood, a mighty army.

God whose grace has called us to himself when we were far away is asking those who have an anointing on their heads to join in prophesying to these bones.  To those saints who are called by his name, and who will humble themselves and prophesise to these bones and to the breath of the God, they shall be transported in the spirit to the Holy of Holies.  They will stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who are called to prophesise and intercede for those who have lost their first love.

They will be among the first to see the graves being opened and the demonic forces fleeing from the dry bones.  A great army of spirit filled saints are ready to be released upon the earth, Jews and Gentiles coming together with tendons, flesh and blood covering their bones.  This prophesising is a holy work and needs perseverance to stand in the call of God.

This is the time and season to call forth the dry bones into a living army.

I also heard the Holy Spirit say that those who have hidden their talent in the ground, now is the time to retrieve your blessing and come forth from your grave and be prepared to serve, for the Father in his grace has spoken forgiveness over you.  Now is the time for all those who have a redeemed heart to be enlisted in the army that has been raised from the valley of despair.  Now is the time to shake off the depression and anxiety of the enemy for the stirring of the water is increasing in intensity.

In the name of the Lord I call forth the dry bones and prophesise that they will be clothed in righteousness and will go forth in the power of the Lord of Hosts.  In the name of Jesus, I call forth those who have been hidden in their caves, buried in their graves of self-pity.  Throw off the yoke of the oppressor and come forth, throw off the garments of condemnation and be dressed in the love of the Father. 

Now is the time to call out to the dry bones, ‘Rise up, Rise up, be filled with the spirit, be equipped with righteousness and move in the power of the Kingdom of God.’

I believe this is a time to partner with God in a strategic alignment that is close to the Fathers heart.  O dry bones your time has come.  Hear the word of the Lord, Gods breath is about to enter into you – are you ready to be clothed and live?  Are you ready O bones to know the Lord of Hosts the great and mighty warrior?

I call upon you prophetic people to bend your knee lift your hands heavenward and prophesy to the dry bones; prophesy to the breath.–

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·