Fight the Good Fight of Faith

I heard the Lord say to me that there is warfare in the flood.  Step into the headwaters of the flood and you are my warrior says the Lord, my battle axe ready to establish my authority within your territory.  You are my ‘occupying forces’ says the Lord, my military government to enforce my rule that I established with my blood. 

I was interested to find the official definition of a military government.  Wikipedia defines it as = broadly characterized as the administration or supervision of occupied territory.  We are Christ’s ambassador warriors. 2 Corinthians 5:20.

The Lord is also rolling out his ‘red carpet’ in which to parade his warriors before his enemies.  As warriors the Lord is spreading out a table before us in the midst of our enemies, to which we are called to walk on the carpet, culminating in the table of blessings and favours.  As you walk through the multitudes of our enemies arranged on either side, they will not be able to touch us, for they will be silenced, envious of the power and authority we have.  They will all tremble as we march past for such is our victorious persona covered in the blood of Calvary.  Psalm 23:5

I also heard the Lord say, ‘Do not sweat the small stuff.’  We may believe that our circumstances overwhelm us, but from Gods perspective they are the ‘small stuff,’ much like the ‘little foxes.’  Far too often as Christs warriors we become entangled in civilian affairs which sap our energy, time and focus away from our main task.  Do not become bogged down in the peripheral marginal stuff that the enemy will seek to enmesh us in.  Our focus is on Christ the author and finisher of our faith, seeking the prize which lies before us we press into the heart and will of the Father.  Remember the heroes of faith in Hebrews longed for a better city.  Where our heart is so will be our focus.

The Lord also said, ‘Do not beg me for what I have already given you.  I have given you authority to trample on the serpent and crush the scorpion.  You have victory, you have deliverance, healing, prosperity, forgiveness – walk by faith into these.  Content by faith for these blessings; for the enemy will not readily give up the territory that he wrongfully claims are his.  Our flesh is weak and refuses to change direction for change is too difficult says our fleshy nature.  Walking by faith requires perseverance, a pressing into a place of triumph.  The territory in the promised land was not given easily to the Israelites; they had to fight for it and we too must fight the good fight of faith.

Exodus 15:3 says that the Lord is a warrior; remember we are co-heirs with Christ and to expect our rewards we must also fight and suffer with him.

You are my war club, my weapon for battle— with you I shatter nations, with you I destroy kingdoms,   Jeremiah 51:20