God and his Environment


The Lord has laid a burden upon me this morning to pray that the Lord of Hosts may arouse intercessors to pay for the land according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.  I pray that that those whom the Lord has chosen will see with Gods eyes and hear with Gods hears and taste with God the toxic evil that is encroaching across Gods land.  Here in New Zealand there is an encroachment of a plant rust that if unchecked will destroy our agriculture, such is the fungus’ devastating toxicity.  There is also a deep concern for nitrate run off, on our farms that is seeping into our waterways and potentially our potable water table.

Gods land is being overrun by the enemy and we are leaving the prince of the air to come up with remedies.  But I hear the cry of God for his land, that he created.  The God of creation is seeking to raise up his warriors, who will humble themselves and pray, seeking Gods face so that the land will be once again become a land of milk and honey.

The earth is the Lords and everything in it and he delights in his land for he said that it was good.  The Lord delighted in bringing his children into a land of plenty.  The Lord has a vested interest in his land for the earth longs to be liberated and brought into freedom.  Can we hear Gods call to partner with him in prayer and bring liberation and healing to our land?

I pray that in each nation, where Gods people are being changed from glory to glory, will catch the heart of God for his land.  They will rise up as prayer warriors and intercede for the land into which God as placed them for such a time as this.  God longs for his land to once more be called Beulah.

This word from the Lord has been building up in my spirit over many months but it was only today that the burden came and it seemed correct to release this for others to hear and discern.