god is leading his children out

Do you hear the Holy Spirit calling to each of Gods children to partner with Him in the great end times out pouring of his grace?  Now is the time to re position our spirits in alignment with the spirit of God. To those who have invested their time and energy into the heart of God so will their reward be in proportion to their surrender.  For this is the month of Issachar.  Issachar was the tribe who was blessed with the ability to discern the times and seasons of the nations.

In this month those who are aligned with the heart of God, will find that their prayers and desires of their heart will be reveled to them, including strategies and plans for completion.  During this month those sons and daughters who feel the heart beat of the Father will receive mega answers to their desires and hopes.  Many prayers will be brought out from the cupboard dusted and cobwebs cleaned off and answers will spring forth into fruits.

During this month of discernment there will be a mega out pouring of fresh visions and springs will burst forth into areas that were once considered barren.  Many sons and daughters will be given fresh ministries and assignments.  Croaked paths will be straightened; dusty wades will once more flow with the grace and mercy of Jehovah as the glory of the Lord covers the earth.  Cities within nations will echo with the love of God.

Come my children says the Lord of Hosts partner with me into intercession for the nations, that my love and glory will blow across your land with restoration, redemption, replacement and reclamation bursting forth.  O mighty winds of the Lord blow across the land, that once more fields will be flow with milk and honey. 

For no longer will my people see themselves as grasshoppers for I the Lord will stretch out my hand and victory will burst forth across the nations, along with the tumbling of the mountains.  For I the Lord will level the mountains and fill in the valleys so that the way will be smooth.

 John Knox
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John B. Abela (@abelajohnb)

I was pondering a couple days ago on the intertestamental period and what it must have been like to have 400 years of silence. I think most of us today have forgotten what that must be like, as we so easily choose to ignore and not listen.