God is Omnipotent

These last few weeks God has been pressing me to blog on subjects that involve a theological understanding. To date I have blogged on Gods Love, Holiness, Lordship, and His Name. My prayer is that these blogs will come alive with the power of the Holy Spirit as he takes doctrinal issues and opens our eyes to his truth.

This leads me to blog on the Omnipotence of God or to use the correct Latin title = omnipotentia. This concept is speculation on mans part for the Biblical revelation does not speak of Omnipotence in this sense. The bible speaks of Gods power over the universe, but omnipotence means that ‘God can do anything.' This speculative idea lead to nonsensical questions such as - ‘Can God make the past not to exist?' to ‘Can God write the Lords prayer on the head of a pin?' The bible always speaks of God having power over something.

When one reads the scripture this abstract concept of omnipotence is not mentioned, for when the Bible speaks of Gods power it is always in relation to his created beings. In fact the only time that the word omnipotence occurs in scripture is ten times in Revelation and 2 Corinthians 6 where the word - παντοκράτωρ – pantokratōr is correctly translated as Almighty in the majority of translations.

This biblical revelation of Gods Almightiness occurs throughout the scriptures in such phrases as – God is El Shaddai; He is Lord of Lords; He is the only Lord; He does what he wills; He spoke and it was done; He commanded and it stood fast; hence with God nothing is impossible. The biblical revelation teaches us that all has been created by Him; nothing exists and nothing happens apart from his will, not even the least thing.

There is no room from scriptures to ask the question – What could God do if he would? The Bible reveals that God stands over against this universe and he can do anything that he wills/chooses to do. And here is the almighty power of God shown, that he chooses when and how to act, for he is free to deal with his creation, including mankind when and how he wills. But this divine authority has been limited by the free choice given to his created creatures who have been created in the image of God. God who hates sin and has said that the soul that sins shall die, can if he so chooses to do so, destroy all who oppose him, but God who is above is own law has chosen to reach out to the sinner in love through the cross.

Hence God has self limited his authority for his creation and in the Cross of Christ this self limitation reaches its climax. God surrenders his son and in the act his almighty power and love collide so much so that we can choose to love him because he first loved us, but no love from his created being can be forced. Therefore God in his sovereign power creates us so free that even his ‘coercion' of the cross cannot force us to love him. Here we are confronted, that at the cross Gods freedom is greatest and this gives proof of Gods royal freedom to choose to do as he wills. Indeed it is this royal freedom shown in love that makes peace and does away with the enmity between God and mankind and sets us free.

I also need to say a word concerning Gods almighty power as seen in miracles. God who has created the universal laws has the freedom to choose to over-ride these laws to show forth his salvation. This is true of all miracles recorded in the scriptures that God intervenes to show forth his salvation and glory. Where as the ‘heathen gods' their miracles are expressed in all manner of devious, curious and sensational ways.

As the end times approach we must be on our guard against all manner of false teachings for many will come with out rages claims of Gods power and curious and unsettling displays of power that will deceive even the elect. Even today some of the TV preachers are nothing but instruments of the enemy as the displays of what they call Gods power points away from him and does not ‘gel' with the biblical accounts of God's displays of power and miracles.

Let us gives thanks for Gods Almighty power, love and glory

Great and marvellous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are your ways, King of the nations. Revelation 16:7

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Thank you for the time and for the prayer that you spend in preparing these important blogs. I am learning new things from each one.