God Love seen in Diverse ways Recently

Those of us who wrote blogs or articles in the name of the Lord will agree that there are times when the words will flow through your fingers as they type.  Then there are the other times when you open your word docx. and there is no flow from the Holy Spirit.  Today is the latter; but I have found that I need to have the mind of one seeking God expecting him to give a word; in doing so one needs to be still before the Lord with one’s ears tunes to the voice of the good shepherd.

I found myself being drawn to the Jewish calendar to find that we are in the month of Sivan, the third month on the Jewish calendar counting from Nissan.  During this month there is the celebration of the giving of the Torah on Mt Sinai.  We read of this encounter with Yahweh in Exodus 19, not long after the Israelites had walked through the Red Sea in the supernatural manner.  There all the tribes of Israel camped before the Lord at the foot of the mountain.

Recently we have witnessed three events that have occurred in this month.  We have celebrated Pentecost; the giving of the Holy Spirit to the spiritual tribe of God.  We have rejoiced over the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Israel.  Those of English persuasion and curious Americans have rejoiced and wept tears of joy and happiness over the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

I believe there is no coincidence that these events have occurred when they have; in relation to the month of Sivan.  The Jewish sages believe that the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai is likened to a marriage.  God betrothed himself unto the Jewish nation for ‘better or worse.’  They were bound in holy matrimony from that day onwards.  God openly displayed his love for the Jewish people.

Those who watched the wedding between Harry and Meghan could not but see the love in the eyes of the couple, but not only was their love on public display, the address by The Most Reverend Michael Curry from the USA has caused much social media conversations on love as ‘redemptive love,’ seen in the cross of Christ.

Yes, Gods love has been displayed for the world to see, culminating in the 7oth Ann. of the formation of the state of Israel, surely a testament to Gods love for his chosen people.  Even those who care not much for God have to admit that the sate of Israel has survived and exceeded against all logical odds.

Pentecost is the New Testament equivalent giving of God’s love to his people with the down payment of the Holy Spirit sealing us to the Lord for all time in a marriage of Love.  The former was a tablet written in stone while the latter is a tablet written on our hearts.

I sense that the body of Christ today tends to take Gods love for granted and often does not

reciprocate in like manner.  In the end the greatest of; faith hope and love: will be love that remains, for the others will fade away.  Maybe since we were born in love, kept in love and will finish our days in love; a love that keeps on giving; we should dwell in this love more than we are wont to at present.


Beth M @blest ·

Very interesting blog, wmj.

NOT being of British persuasion, and not having seen the wedding, I find it somewhat amusing the import placed on royal weddings. Haven't even seen a picture of the wedding. I am sure there are myriad things most Americans enjoy that you would find amusing. But I definitely did enjoy the blog!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I wasn't even aware of it either until my mother told me she had awakened early that morning, remembered that the wedding was being televised and decided to go and watch it.

Like Beth, I enjoyed your blog. It is far too easy to take love for granted, especially the love of God!

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I even watched the wedding, what's the deal girls? I love that royal pomp and ceremony. And that sermon was great.
"How big is love? It brought us all here today."
May not be exact but I laughed when he said it.

You said it yourself beautifully, all else will fade but love remains. Enjoyed brother.