Gods Goodness is Shown

Since I posted my last blog entitled Curses and Declarations, which looking back now was the vanguard of this blog along with a gift from our Father.  By this I mean that after I had posted the afore mentioned blog I was assailed with my prostate raising its head which unduly caught my attention.  All the old ‘what ifs’ pounded into my head along with feelings of anxiety and helplessness.  All this was compounded to bring me down.

Around this time, it dawned on me that the above-mentioned blog was also a blog written by my loving Father for my consumption.  The blog was a message to me.  Hence, I began to declare loudly, lead by the Holy Spirit affirmations that boldly declared who I am in the Fathers sight.  That who I am in Christ and that my Father is a good, good Father who loves me and will not desert me.

After a period of time I began to sense the peace that passes all understanding settle upon my heart.  Have the prostate symptoms disappeared?  I would like to say Yes; but no, they are still there to a lesser degree but at this present time I am comfortable within the Fathers love.

One could argue that the writing of the blog and the appearance of the symptoms soon after was a coincident.  Others might point out that I was led into a time of testing as in Jesus being led into the wilderness.  But I like to believe that the blog was a fore warning from my loving Father, who always leds us in triumph and makes our paths smooth and straight.  God guides the steps of those who walk close to him and who are seeking to press into him hearing his voice.

I have come to understand that many of us, myself included, at certain times in our Christian walk act as unbelievers.  We are unbelieving believers in that we do not accept Gods word regarding our status in Christ.  We have been deceived in our Garden of Eden moment believing that we are not made whole, that we are not redeemed, that we are not healed, that we are out of darkness and are transported into light.

As we walk by sight trusting our senses and intellect we are walking in the way of Satan stumbling into more deception and not really believing Gods word with all our heart.  I am not saying this is easy; but we must fight the good fight of faith and persevere unto holiness.  Sadly, many of us have opted out and settled down, living in the shadows.

Let us not be shadow dwellers but let’s choose to ‘take up our bed’ moment and walk with the Holy Spirits resurrection power back into the light and the full blaze of the Fathers life and love.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Let us not be shadow dwellers but lets choose to take up our bed moment and walk with the Holy Spirits resurrection power back into the light and the full blaze of the Fathers life and love.


Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Good word ... thank you.