Hanukkah, Access, The numeral Thirty.


As I sit here in my lounge on Sunday evening 2nd December with worship music playing softly many thoughts are in my spirit.  I am acutely aware that today begins the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, the festival of lights.  I am also hearing the word access.  The numeral 30 has been sighted a great number of times that this number cannot be dismissed off hand.

As I wait on the Lord this is the word that I believe that I am hearing from the throne room.

The second of December marks the beginning of the Light Festival celebrated throughout Jewish families world-wide.  It is an occasion for rededication as the eight days are a remembrance of the restoration and dedication the temple that he been desecrated by the erection of a statue of Zeus in 165 BC.  The temple was restored by the Maccabean revolt against Seleucid empire.

There is rededication in the floodgates, for now is the time to clean and sweep out the rooms of our temple, our body that has been brought with a price.  The bridegroom is to soon arrive, and our house needs to be in order.  Swept clean and the door locked to those rooms with the Key of David, thereby shutting out the demonic squatter who had taken up residence uninvited.  Behind those locked doors the redecoration with grace, love and holiness is about to take place.

Access is the platform on to which we need to ascend as we come into the New year.  Many of us need to climb onto the level of access, pressing into portal that will usher us into a greater dimension.  It is time after the rededication to set our face to understand this portal of access, much like Daniel set his face towards Jerusalem to understand the times and seasons.  This task of seeking, knocking and asking for many will be a pressing of a least 21 days. In this instance perseverance will be required of many.  Once the hand is to the plough there is no looking back, but looking for the straight furrow with eyes on the maker/prize in the distance.

Thirty is significant for it is 3 x 10; which speaks of a higher degree of perfection of the divine order, as in marking the perfect moment in Gods divine plane.  For those standing in the floodgates, this is the opportune time for a visitation of Gods glory and grace, befitting each for a higher calling of ministry.  Aaronic priests were dedicated to serve at 30.

I sense that there is much spiritual activity in the heavenlies at the moment which requires discernment to understand the Lords calling and plan for your life at this time.  We need to be on our guard with a loins girded and our minds of a sober nature, so that we will not be swept away by the confusing cross winds and undercurrents in the spirituals.  This requires a renewed focus and dedication to the word.



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"This requires a renewed focus and dedication to the word."