have you lost your full benefits of eternal life

I have recently come to the realization that for a period of my Christian walk I had lost the full benefits of eternal life.  Even more disturbing was the knowledge that I was not aware of this loss, nor did I care.  I had neglected my ‘spiritual mojo’ to the point that it had disappeared from my life. 

I was not availing myself of the benefits from  the deposit that had been placed in my heavenly bank, as a result of my re birth into Gods family.  My eternal life deposit which was a gift from my Heavenly Father as a down payment, was being treated as if it was to mature when I died.  For years I never touched my blessings deposit gifted to me as a result of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I believe that I was not alone in this thinking.  It took a major earthquake shift in my thinking to realize that eternal life, a gift from my Father was eternal in the sense that it never ran dry.  Therefore I could experience fullness of life on earth in my everyday routine and mundane tasks.  Eternal life is for the here and now.  Looking back I realize how foolish I was to accept the normal understanding of eternal life espoused by my denomination.

When we are born again we are given a seed of eternal life which was planted into our spirits as a gift for proclaiming Jesus as the Lord of our life.  God plants the seed into our spirits; but if the seed is not tended to and nourished, it will eventually wither and die.  This is true in the natural and so it is in the spiritual.  But who will water and feed the seed of eternal life planted so graciously into our hearts?  Who will stand up and be the gardener?  This is a question we all have to answer; more so in the end times as the winds of God are blowing across the nations.

Today’s prophets are crying out to God as in Ezekiel 37 to bring life to the valley of bones, which are scattered across the nations.  Bones that once belonged to Gods family, for the seeds of eternal life planted into their souls have withered and died, causing the body of Christ to become dry and barren.  So I prophesied to the breath of God to come into the valleys of dry bones. 

Now is the time and season of Gods winds blowing across the nations as he aligns the earth and the church to line up with his plans for these last days.  As he blows across the earth the waters are being stirred as in John 5.  Sure, there will be miracles of healing and restoration but these will be in the minority for as in the account of John each person is responsible to jump into the waters of deliverance.

In my case with my enlarged prostate it was a change of mind set.  Each time I went to the bathroom I became anxious and obsessed with my ailment.  So much so that I could tell you where all the rest rooms where located on any given route.  I became fixated and obsessed with my condition wondering why no healing was taking place.  Where is the miracle working God I lamented?

Having been given a jolt by the Holy Spirit one day it was obvious that I had to do something to help myself.  In my case, a change my mind set to begin to think as God saw me – healed, righteous, justified, set free, an over comer living in the heavenlies and translated out of fear.

My readers, we are in a covenant relationship with our Heavenly Father and our co-operation is expected.  Those who continually look to God for miracles are doomed to stay in their graves.  No, we have to step out in faith.  Often the step we need to take is starring us in the face, but being blindsided by the enemy we do not see the way forward.  Get out of the boat says the Holy Spirit.  Jump into the waters of deliverance for they are being stirred.

Yes God can rise up the valleys of dry bones, but in these times and seasons he expects our co-operation.  To walk in faith is to step out when all our senses scream No, No.  Come on let us step out together.  Take responsibility for our gift of eternal life and ‘draw down’ on our deposit.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Wonderful! :clap:

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

nice and true.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Step out in faith? Now that is a scary thought eh?


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