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The scriptures are clear that the gifts of the spirit, which are listed in 1 Corinthians 12, are for the edification and the building up of the body of Christ.  Therefore we have the following chapters setting out Paul’s concerns that such manifestation of the gifts are done in an orderly and proper manner.

We are all aware that there are counterfeit gifts that operate so closely to the gifts from the Holy Spirit that it is difficult to discern between the two.  In fact I believe it has been documented that such ‘bogus’ gifts can operate under the authority of the church of God.  Such is the ability of the enemy to deceive the children of God.

All this is by way of an introduction to the subject of healing that has caused endless heartache and discouragement over the decades.  As you can sense such misunderstandings arise over the inability of the sick failing to be healed.  We have seen, and no doubt heard of the sick being prayed for with a strong sincerity of faith on behalf of those involved, but they remain sick.  Such is the disappointment and anger that many have turned their face away from the living God.  In doing so we have applied our own wisdom and understanding to explain the reason why the prayer of faith failed to work.  How can this be we cry when we see from the scriptures and faith healing meetings the sick being healed.

These following mis understandings concerning healing need to be consigned to the rubbish heap and burnt for they are, as I see it, extremely false.  For as you think so you are ~ meaning: negative false thoughts bring negative results that end in misery and heartache.

One such erroneous teaching has been the extreme reasoning that the gospels and early church experienced healing so as to launch the church, as in a rocket, but now that the church is established that booster is no longer needed   Such reasoning is scripturally un sound for God has not changed his plan of salvation.

Then there is the cruelest notion that the sick person does not have enough faith to be healed.  Such a ‘put down’ comes from the depths of darkness.  What we have forgotten is that healing is not by faith alone but rather through the power of God accessed through the cross.  Also God is sovereign and does the clay say to potter ‘Why are you doing this to me?’  Is it not arrogance to expect that God owe us a living?

What we have to remember, and for many this is a hard truth to digest, so many unbelievers spit it out.  Healing is not for the benefit of the sick person.  I will say it again ` miraculous healing’ is not for the sole benefit of the sick person.  Throughout the scripture it is made plain that when God chooses to heal it is for the display of his power and glory.  In fact any miracle is for the display of Gods power. 

Read through the OT and it is clear that the power of God, unleashed on behalf of the Israelites was to demonstrate that Yahweh was greater than the other gods.   When Jesus went about healing is was to again demonstrate that the Kingdom of God had come among them in the form of Jesus.  Such is the reason why miraculous still happen today.  Read John 3:1-2

Again it is not the plan of God for each person to be healed in a miraculous manner.  Think about it ` not everyone whom Jesus saw that was unwell, did he heal.  When Jesus healed the cripple person beside the pool of Siloam; what about the others that were waiting for the waters to stir.  Where they not worthy of a touch from Jesus?  Read John 5.

In my pervious blogs I have made a strong claim that more often than not we have to contend for our healing.  In these blogs I have set out strategies as to how we can contend for our healing and in such a manner we are cooperating with God we are fulfilling his covenant with us, written in the blood of Jesus.

I believe it is time that we stop our endless chatter of unbelief as to why God does not heal, and move into a positive belief that honours Gods word.  Being stuck in the negative reasons only opens up the door of darkness, death and unbelief upon our head.

We need to come back to the simple truth that we live and walk by faith, for those who have been born again by the Spirit of God.  Walking by faith does not focus on the reasons and why’s and why not’s but on the goodness and love of God.  For whatever happens, or does not happen to us God is good and he has our best interests. 

Remember faith that is not tried and tested is not a faith at all.  What about this for a startling truth ~ should we not be rejoicing in our sufferings and with those who walk hand in hand with Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death?

Am I saying that God does not heal?  Absolutely not!  God does heal but in his time and manner of choosing.  That’s why we call him Lord.

There is more to come.  Read 1 Peter.

 John Knox
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faith can never surpass the will of God. it is the mercy and grace we ask for.. with a humble heart..