Hold on to what you Have

I hear the Holy Spirit saying, ‘Hold on Hold on do not let go what you have for, I have not let go of you, you are still mine and I love you with a love that cannot separate us.’  ‘Do not let go of what I have provided for you through the death of my Son.  Hold onto the cross with strong determination for the enemy will try to wrench you away from my salvation that I won for you.’ 

‘Do not be deceived with the thought that you cannot fight the good fight any longer for remember you have not fought to the giving of blood and death.  Do not be conned into thinking that I do not have your best interests in the plans for you and that I have forgotten you.’

‘Take your eyes off your circumstances for in your circumstances you will not see my love and salvation won on the cross, no dwell on my sacrifice for you that I won from Satan and thus gained eternal life for you, life that is joyous and full of the oil of gladness.’

‘Look I have removed any burden from you and your deliverance is at hand, hold on to what you have until I come, and I will come quickly for today is the day of the Lords favour.  Hold on to what you have – Jesus Christ in you the power and glory so that no one can take your crown.’  Revelation 2:25 & 3:11

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John, I am not sure if you actually realise just how perfect this blog is at this time.
wow, blown away by the timing of God.

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