i am blown away by the words the holy spirit has spoken to me

The Holy Spirit is saying to me; 'Just as the Father scattered his chosen people to the ends of the earth for they had turned their faces from him and his anointed shepherds did not care to feed his sheep. So to will come a day when I will further scatter my church for they to have turned to their own ways and their first love has grown cold. Their shepherds have cared more for their own pockets than for the spiritual welfare of my sheep. Yet the gates of hell will not prevail against my redeemed for I have saved a remnant who has remained true to my word.'

'These sanctified ones have not defiled themselves with the lusts of the world for they follow the voice of the True Shepherd walking in my freedom. I say to these sons and daughters who know the voice of the True Shepherd to stand firm and hold on for I am coming soon. For there will be a day when I will gather my chosen ones from the hills of dogma, valleys of doctrine and waters of dispute for once again my voice will be heard in the desolate streets.'

'Those who know the voice of the shepherd will rise up with healing in their wings and as eagles they will soar, walk and not faint, pressing into my love. Upon their feet will be the gospel of peace and freedom. For once again I will rule from Mount Zion and all the scattered ones will gather there.'

Earlier in the day I had a revelation that the coming days will not only see the peoples of this world shaken up and rattled with extreme events bursting into their comfort zone bubbles with an instance fury. But there will come and an intense scattering and division among us that will reach into the very elect of the Lord. I sense we are seeing the vanguard of this separation unfolding before our eyes on the evening news. Brexit has caused intense grouping in the UK, while in the US the rhetoric of the presidential candidates are forcing citizens to take sides, plus the renewed racial tensions have gone up a notch or two. As I see it sitting here in NZ.

I sense that I would not be surprised to see this scattering and division spreading to other countries creating separations where before there was no lines drawn. This is a new phenomenon that I believe will be seen as part of the signs of the last days.

Yet I am convinced that those who remain firm and true to His word walking in freedom as only his sons and daughters have been granted by the death and shed blood of the Jesus Christ, will received the crown of life and be granted to be clothed in white ruling with Christ in the heavens.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

After reading your blog, I can certainly understand why you were so deeply affected by what the Holy Spirit has spoken to you. It is utterly amazing! Praise be to God for revealing these words to you in this manner. I too feel the profoundness of what has been given you.

Kristen L. Gray @mwifey ·

I too agree with the above comments! Now, more than ever do we need to hear with our spiritual ears what the Spirit is saying to the Church. I'm encouraged by these words!