I am Rejoicing in the aftermath of Irma

My thoughts and prayers are with the good folks of Florida.  Even though I am one of the furtherest by distance, my heart went out to those who have been traumatised, as if I was there with those devastated families. The images on our local news bulletins caused my spirit to cry out to our heavenly Father.  So much so that I was able under the Holy Spirits dictation to pen the last blog.

I still stand by word that I released on this site in that last blog and along with other believers, we bent our knees and hearts before the Lord of Hosts, asking for the Lord of the wind to overcome the hurricane.  We were not willing to allow the fury and anger of the enemy to destroy and kill Gods plans of revival and reformation alignment across the land.  We kept these verse s from James 5:16 and Mark 11:23 before us as we lifted the written word before our Father.

As a result of the fervent prayer of many believers in Gods word the Lord heard our prayers as it is now acknowledged that the fury of Irman was not as predicted.  Here I quote from and online article readily available through Google.

 Across coastal Florida, the dreaded storm surge from Hurricane Irma — caused when ferocious winds pile up ocean water and push it onshore — was not as bad as forecast. While some areas were hard hit, notably the Florida Keys and Marco Island, residents of neighbourhoods north to Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa Bay were expressing relief.

That bit of good fortune was the product of some meteorological luck. *

As I wrote this blog I am choosing to believe that God, the Lord of Hosts, our heavenly Father heard our prayers and altered the course of the storm and lessened its destructive power.  As Joshua said to his people long ago, ‘Choose this day whom you will serve.’  I choose to believe that God intervened and showed forth his power, grace and compassion. 

Therefore today is a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving for the mercy and love of our Father whose plans for us are still on course.  Satan once again has been trumped by the Lord of all creation.  He has been slapped once more.  Victory is ours and the body of Christ will rise up and press into their ordained authority and power over the enemy.  Never again will the anointed bride of Christ cower before the onslaught of the enemy.

The believers of Christ, who hear the voice of the shepherd have discovered the meaning of walking in the spirit and living in the heavenly places.  Spiritual warfare is once more on the agenda of the believers hearts.

  • A version of this article appears in print on September 12, 2017, on Page A14 of the New York edition 
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 John Knox
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Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast)

Thanks wmj,

Agree the Lord heard prayers and spared many ... not only on the western coast of Florida. Most importantly changing from the eastern side +300 miles away and missing the Miami and Orlando metropolitan areas with combined totals of 7.5 to 8 million people. God is good.

In Him,

Deepa N (@deepaanne)

praise God and thank Him for His unending mercy.

Kristen L. Gray (@mwifey)