I hear the Call to Battle

I hear the Lord saying that he is opening up the portals and doors of heaven as he pours out his spirit of warfare into the hearts of those he has prepared over the past seasons.  For this is the season of warfare when those who have been chosen since the foundation of the world are being called forth.  Those that the Lord have been preparing for such a time as this, are now hearing the voice of their commander.

Now is the time to assemble before the Lord dressed in our battle fatigues, having taken on the whole armour of Christ, and who now stand steadfast in the knowledge that they are ready for the battle.  Training is now completed and those whom he has called have graduated from the caves of warfare drills and are now being assembled from the four corners of the earth.

Those whom the Lord has called know the voice of their commander in chief, Jesus Christ himself and are willing to join with their comrades in arms across the seas, to march under the banner of the blood of Christ.  Stand up; stand up for your preparation and training are now finished, for you have been found fit for military service in the army of the King of Kings.  You have been faithful in the small things when under fire from the enemy and you have stood your ground.  Your perseverance, longsuffering, and self control has brought you closer into the fulness of Christ, building into your character a sober mind and a spirit of abhorrence of anything that is not from the Lord of Hosts.

The angels in heaven have been assigned to you as you turn your face to confront and run to the enemy of darkness with drawn swords and victory in the cry of your voice.  You will not back down but you will step forward victory by victory as you will plunder the enemies camp and loot his treasure.  No more will you be afraid of the fiery darts for you are now battle hardened and a proven combatant of Jesus Christ, as you reclaim the ground that has been lost to the forces of darkness.

The spirit of David and Joshua are being released upon the remnant of those who have not bowed their knee to the voices of the earth, for the day of reckoning and the time of decision of the nations are upon the earth.  The day of victory over the demonic forces that have held us down for so long is upon us and great is rejoicing in heaven as this is the day that the saints of past have laboured for with tears and groanings. 


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