Jairus's Daughter - Mark 5s account


I am not sure how this word will pan out for it seems the Holy Spirit is leading me into an exposition of an incident in Mark 5.  Such methodology of exposition takes me back to my perching days when I applied hermeneutic principles to Gods holy word.  In hindsight how wrong was I to divide Gods word in this man-made method.  Hence, I am a little apprehensive, but I pray earnestly that this revelation will be filled with the resurrected power of the Lord.  I am reminded that the Lord is doing a new thing and the past is behind me.

I was reading this chapter earlier on in the week and verse 36 become stuck my spirit, and in reading another revelation on this chapter it was pointed out the numeral 12 is mentioned twice.  This reinforced a prophetic revelation was about to come into my spirit if I was prepared to dwell in the courts of the Most High.

This is the following revelation that I heard the Holy Spirit imprint into my spirit.  Verse 36 says, ’Don’t be afraid just believe.’  If only it was that easy.  For us who dwell between the flesh and the spirit the measure/amount of faith that we have often becomes a stumbling block to living a life to the full.  To me, Jesus’ reply, clearly indicates that those who have faith will see the hand of God displayed in their circumstances.  Elsewhere in the Gospels Jesus says that those that have faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains

The quantity/size/amount of faith is not clearly the issue for in Gods eyes we either have faith or we do not – the book of Hebrews makes this clear.  In my experience I have realized that the closer to Jesus we are the easier it is to believe.  Why?  Because we hear the voice of God and his intention and we in a sense ‘piggy back’ on our prayers on the Fathers plans.  Just like Jesus did when he walked the earth.

I see this illustrated in verse 37 when Jesus only took those closest to him into the little girls house.  These three were the closest to Jesus.  They knew him in a closer manner than the other disciples.  This ‘knowing ‘of Jesus is the key.  How much do we know of God’s love- the breadth, and length, and depth and height?  This knowing is a word that implies an intimacy only seen in a husband wife’s marital relations. 

We all know the intellectual words for the three loves mentioned in the Bible, of which I have preached many a sermon.  This knowledge is not knowing.  Look at verse 40 – Jesus put out the unbelieving crowd.  Being surrounded by people that do not have an experience of Gods love will hinder our ability to believe.   In this season it is important to be linked in with believers who know and experience the love of God seen in Jesus.  Their faith and closeness to Jesus will rub off onto us.

The closer we know Jesus the easier it will be for us to not be afraid but believe in Gods ability to do miracles.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I like this.

I have often pondered the "not enough faith" statement people sometimes makes which seems to contradict what Jesus said about having a "mustard seed of faith". Exactly how much is "enough"?

John, personally I believe that the very act of crying out to God is in fact, a "mustard seed" of faith. Otherwise, why would someone do it in the first place? Somewhere deep inside they are daring to believe that God will not only hear their cry but He will respond to that cry.

At the same time, you must be careful of who you surround yourself with. When I was going through cancer treatment, I actually had to put up a barrier between myself and a close family member. They meant well but their statements were actually chipping away at my faith, not building it up and they just couldn't see it that way. For my own good, I had to keep them at arm's length during that time.