Jump and leap over walls and rivers

As I look at a weather map of the world I am informed that there are at least six active tropical storm advisories.  I watched our news with prayer upon my lips as I was drawn into the utter destruction along the east coat of the USA and the severe utter desolation in the northern islands of the Philippines.  I watched as the news reader switched to pictures of the Hong Kong premises boarding up in anticipation of the impending destruction and havoc about to crash over them.

As I waited on the Holy Spirit for a ‘word’ for this posting I was drawn to Romans 8 where we are reminded creation was subjected to bondage and is now groaning big time to be liberated as in child birth.  But not only creation but we ourselves groan and struggle inwardly to be released from the decay that clings to us; awaiting our adaption as sons and daughters.  O how we long to be adapted fully and receive full redemption.

Having said the above, these weather situations that seem to be increasing in severity and destruction are in no way to be signed off as Gods judgement.  Such thinking is doing an injustice to the nature and character of our Father, the God of creation and his Son Jesus Christ.  The earth is in turmoil as it awaits the liberation from its futile decay and bondage, just as we await and long to have the decaying tent that we carry around dissolved and a new body revealed.

I believe that these weather situations that are happening at the beginning of the Jewish year 5779 are not un planned.  There is a message in these upheavals and disasters for I sense in my spirit that this year will be a year of upheavals, tears and battles along with much birthing  in the spiritual realm.  As I prophesied earlier in a posting this will be a year of accelerations, suddenlies and quickness of changing seasons and alignments.  There will be a ferocity attached to our walk in this coming 5779 year, along with a gentleness as we move at lightning speed along our assigned pathway and calling.

Obstacles will not hinder as we accelerate into this season for we have been given the ability to leap over walls, moats rivers and hills.  Nothing will hinder those who are called according to his will and those who run in his will and word.  Gods will, will be accomplished in this year of 5779 for we will be unstoppable as we look to Christ the author and finisher of our calling.  We will leap like does and new born lambs with joy and steely purpose for we will not be deviated from our course.  Mountains, hills, walls rivers will not slow the march of Gods chosen in this year 5779.

Dreams will be fulfilled, visions will unfold before the elect’s eyes, fruit will be produced, harvests will be gathered in, great yields will be accomplished for the glory of the King of Kings.

Let us therefore, as we have a great cloud of witnesses over us, lay aside every weight and heaviness of decay that clings to us with a stench and run, accelerate and leap forward bouncing over hills, rivers walls and any of the enemies’ defence fortresses for the glory of the King of Kings.





K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I was following the recent hurricane in the US quite closely as I had family members who were in the path of the storm. Then the storm shifted further north and missed them but struck others. :cry: Last year, I had other family members that were in the path of Hurricane Irma. A college friend of mine who was visiting the US at the time, lives on Tortola. Her husband was at home and it was weeks before she was able to return home. Both their home and church sustained damage.

Like you, I am reminded that with God's help, we can jump and leap over walls and rivers and that our God can turn darkness into light.


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