Keeping our Anointing

Immediately when Jesus came up from the water the spirit of God like a dove descended upon him, so the Synoptics speak to us.  Without the anointing of the Holy Spirit descending on us we cannot move like Jesus into our ministry calling,  But I am intrigued that the gospel of John, which does not always record the same incidents' as the first three gospels, adds a significant difference to the account of Jesus' baptism.  John 1:32 records that not only did the spirit of God descend like a dove; but the dove remained with Jesus.

That the Holy Spirit remained with Jesus is of great importance, for by emphasising the permanence of the anointing; there is a subtle hint that the anointing could have ascended and left Jesus.  Walking around with a dove resting on us takes a conscious effort to not disturb the dove like anointing.  Instead we to cultivate habits that will cause the dove to remain with us.

Without the permanence of the anointing upon our bodies remaining in place, we will lack 'dumanis' power to carry out our ministry of healing the sick, driving our devils and raising the dead.  The disciples came to Jesus and said that they could not drive out demons from those who were brought to them.  Had they lost their anointing?  Can we loose our anointing? 

The church at Ephesus in Revelation 2 were told that unless they repented their lampstand would be taken from them.  In Isaiah 62 there is a prophecy that I believe speaks to our times in that we are called to build up the highways that led to the gates.  In understanding the scriptures particularly in regard to prophetic utterances the context is important.  To this end in Isaiah 60 we are told that the gates are gates of Praise.

To keep our anointing, we must endeavourer to build highways that led to our gates of praise.  In other words, we need to take time to cultivate an attitude of praise at all times.  For in all situations give thanks to the Lord as in Philippians.  By giving thanks to God, even when we are disappointed, by praising him for his grace mercy and loving kindness we are keeping our anointing upon our shoulders. 

When we begin to see our circumstances as grasshoppers and small, our thanksgiving and praise will ascend to God as a sweet-smelling fragrance.  In doing so we are walking through our gates and our anointing will remain with us as, for we will go out and perform greater deeds than Jesus.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Will not the Father freely give the Holy Spirit to those who ask ... good word on how to cultivate the Holy Spirit and to keep from quenching Him. Praise, thanksgiving and gratefulness always.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love this! Thank you for sharing.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Amen to this.

Artanya @artanya ·

Thanks for sharing...praising God always helps us to be strong in Him

Dom Ruggiero @oldsoul ·

Good job!

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