let go of your religion and allow my love

The Holy Spirit is saying to me; 'Some of you are clinging to the past experiences of my presence and in doing so you have been building your alters of worship, but I am not in your tabernacle any more. My children you have a tendency to camp down on your mountain top experiences and you have used this time of my glory to cling to hang onto the past. You have replaced my love for your idol that you have built on the mountain; but I am asking you to move on.'

'Behold I am making a straight path for you to walk on, for we are on a journey into the heart of the Fathers love. I long to teach you more of our love but you need to un pitch your tent and follow Jesus. Come my loved one pull down your tent; break down your tabernacle and like Abraham journey with me in faith to your land of rest. You have camped long enough in the rarified air of my presence and I encourage you to step out and follow my voice.

'I am about to do a new thing on this earth and I desire you my loved children to be part of my called out ones. I am going to move and have moved against those who have down trodden my brethren. I desire for the entire world to know my love and you are at the vanguard of my love.'

'Open your hearts to my love so that can look at others through the eyes of my love. Put away of your religious mind sets of who the Father is and the face he presents to the world. Re think your understanding of the cross and put away your denominations concepts. Come and embrace my true function on this earth in the end times.'

'In the end of this age love will be what measures your heart. I am love which I have shed abroad in your hearts; embrace wholly my love with a surrendered spirit. I have given you more authority than you realize.'


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