Let Justice Crash Down

The credibility and morality of the Roman Catholic church has come under intense scrutiny over the past few weeks.  The cover ups from Australia, America and Ireland have been uncovered to the embarrassment of the church officials.  To top off these accusations a former papal ambassador in the United States has released a statement implicating that the sexual cover ups in the USA went all the way up to the pontiff, who in effect continued the cover ups.  It has not been a good season for the church who is trying to present a more modern face to the world.

As I read this news I was reminded of two passages in the New Testament concerning that which has been covered up will be exposed – Like 12:2.  The second passage speaks of judgement beginning firstly with the church – 1 Peter 4:17.  As I was pondering these passages and seeking a word from the Lord I had a clear vision a waves breaking onto the foreshore and I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘Let justice flow down.’

From this I sense a move of God where his justice will come crashing down on mankind bringing justice and his righteousness.  Crashing down is the operative symbol as the waves in my vision were pounding the beach; which often speaks of mankind as sands on the sea  shore – Genesis 22:17.

I sense in my spirit that we are entering into a season and times when the hand of the Lord will become more prevalent and those who are walking in step and are aligned with his will can discern his Hand.  I am not speaking of judgement here or Gods wrath being displayed but signs that point to the return of Christ becoming clearer and closer. 

Concerning those who claim to be his and operate under his name this will be a time of preparation and cleansing so that, no spot or wrinkle will be found among those that bow their knee to Christ the Lord and King.

There is a prophetic warning here for those who wish to see and hear the voice of the Shepherd. 

Walk in righteous with clean hands and a pure heart from all evil.  Let not the devil tempt you into anger nor allow the demonic forces to trap you into self-pity and depression.  Seek the Lord at all times and align yourself with his Word in aspects of your life.  Look not to the left or the right but keep your eyes on Jesus.  Live as it you are seated in the heavenlies with Christ by your side.  Humble yourself and walk uprightly with a repentant heart seeking always to please the Father who has loved you from the beginning.

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Good blog John. An issue that I have wanted to write about, but was not sure how to approach it.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog I was reminded once again that not everyone who professes to be a Christian is. It is one thing to claim you are something or someone. It is another thing for it to be true.

I am reminded of two kings in the Bible, Saul and David. Both men sinned but there was a difference when they were confronted about it. Saul made excuses to justify his sin whereas David acknowledged that he was wrong, experienced godly sorrow and genuinely repented.

Oh may we be a true reflection of Christ so that the world may really see Him!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Your last paragraph has spoken volumes into my life today. Thank you John.