Let’s face it –there is only One Gospel

To say that there are different gospels and to teach in this vane is a little miss leading as it is a partial truth. Do not all errors start this way?

If we are agreed that the word Gospel in its simplest form is ‘good news’ then we can agree, can we not, that any mention in the scriptues of God bringing his salvation/or saving his people can be called good news. For instance the exodus from Egypt for those who were lead out this indeed was good news. Can we not agree then that the return from exile again was good news to those who were saved from captivity and returned to the Promised Land? Again do we not use these events as illustrations of Gods goodness in bring salvation to his people?

Hence if we can agree then that salvation and good news go together, and then can we not take the next step and say that the OT has examples of the gospel? Does this mean that the OT has a different Gospel than say the Gospel of the Kingdom, or the Gospel of Grace? No way, for all accounts of the gospel occurring in both the OT and NT involves God bringing his salvation to a people in captivity. Therefore since we have agreed that the gospel means good news, can we not say that there is only one gospel?

But there is a qualifier – the good news as depicted in the Old and New Testament was presented in different formats and the response was according to that presentation.

Take for instance, under the Old Covenant the Law or the good news/gospel was presented in terms of blood sacrifices and the keeping of the law. In this manner mankind found favour with God.

In the first three gospels, Matthew, Mark & Luke the good news was presented in a different manner, that is the Kingdom of God parables. An example of this the story of the rich young ruler who asked how do I obtain eternal life – Jesus said sell what you have and give to the poor and come follow me.

Here we have to be doing of something to gain approval, as under the Law, but this time one is required to follow Jesus

This good news is further developed under John in his gospel where Jesus says that he is the gate and whoever enters through him will be saved. Here there is no mention of doing any ‘works.’

After Pentecost the good news is still available - but men enter in a different manner as Peter preached that one must believe on the name of Jesus and be baptised for the forgiveness of your sins. Here there is a shift to believing – no works involved.

Paul’s gospel is still the good news but one obtains salvation, post the crucifixion differently, for it by grace that you have been saved, through the blood of the cross. This is the last and final revelation of how one in this age obtains salvation. In a way we have come full circle as we started out with the blood of bulls etc and we close with the blood/sacrifice of Gods own Son.

Therefore as I see it there is one gospel but presented by God in different formats but still the one gospel. Hence it is more correct to say – one gospel may formats.

One may call this progressive revelation, but I refuse to label this as such. Some may say that God never changes –

Yes his character never changes but the way he relates to mankind does and did change; and will change again at his return. Paul's speaks about this unfolding that in the fullness of time God sent his Son (Galatians 4:4) this suggests that God in his long suffering gracious manner unfolded his redemption corresponding to mankind’s abilities to receive them.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

As concerning Jesus Christ, He was present when they left Egypt, and drank from the rock, 'that rock was Christ'. 'Before Abraham was, I AM', He told them. Who He was/is/is to be, in God's plan and purpose was before the foundation of the earth. Nothing was made without Him. He is before all things, the Alpha and the Omega.

To present any other gospel apart from Him is false teaching, and a false gospel. The purpose was/is/and to be, to bring all to God through HIM. There is no other way to God, than through His Son Jesus Christ. This is what Gods word, plan, and purpose, tells us, and teaches us.

HE, IS the gospel. There is no other. HE always has been, and will always be, the gospel. For every tribe, race, and people.

Not everyone believes this. Everyone has a choice as to whether they will, or not. It is not complicated. Only those who reject will complicate it. God Bless. billy