Let’s remember to K.I.S.S.

Life can be a real burden, like blowing into the wind, or pushing water up hill. We seem to be on a merry-go-round and we are sitting on the horse that is going up and down and round and round.

Life is too complicated. Life is complicated, as it starts before we are ready, it continues while we are still trying to figure out the point of it; and it ends long before we have figured it out
We need to simplify things; to slow down and smell the coffee, to take the dogs for a walk, to lie on the beach or stroll through the woods. We need to ‘Keep it Simple Stupid.’ We need to KISS more often. We need to experience some simple pleasures from life again.

The KISS principle needs to be applied to this forum. We have waded through some heavy stuff here of recent months. We have batted and swotted our way around the Kingdom of God. We have struggled over and under the meaning of the ‘gospels.’ We have worked our way in and out of ‘Gods grace.’ All this has been pressurized stuff and for some of us; explosive. We have been introduced to some heavy theological weights in Reformed thinking and Arminianism.

Are we really building up the body of Christ with these topics? Are we bringing glory to Christ and his work? As we read these a-for mentioned blogs are we being build up in our most holy faith?

Let’s pause and have a cup of coffee. We humans are very good at over complicating the things of God. Let’s keep things simple and dwell of the basics of our walk with God.

By Grace we have been lifted out of darkness into his glorious light.

By Grace we have been sealed by the Holy Spirit who is our teacher and counsellor.

By Grace we have a room prepared for us in heaven.

By Grace we are seated in the heavenly places with Christ clothed in his Righteousness.

By Grace all the promises of God are Yes and Amen in Christ.

Does God take pleasure in the above mentioned blogs? Not that I discount the study of theology as I spend four years wrestling with its theories and suppositions, but as is always, the mind, when it comes to the things of God tends to swamp the voice of the Holy Spirit; and the dogmas and ’ pre this and post that and dispensation’s’ take on a life of their own. One of the last frontiers of our bodies to renewed by the Spirit is our mind. – we are to be made new in the attitude of our minds.

As I read the scriptures I see two things that God takes delight in. I may well be wrong and I am willing to be proved wrong. But God rejoices over one sinner that repents and God takes pleasure in his children who have unwavering faith. These simple aspects of our walk, God takes pleasure in. By all means think on the deep issues of God, but let’s remember that God chose the simple and foolish things to confound the wise. But may we not be over taken with our dogmas that we cannot see and hear anything else pertaining to God. Lets take off our precept glasses from time to time as we look into Gods mirror.

Lets weigh up the blog that we are about to publish and ask – will this glorify Christ, will it edify the body, will it cause an weak brother or sister to stumble?

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Beautiful blog sir and I commend you for writing the very words I should have written myself. But, since you wrote them I don't need to. Thank you for bringing everything back to the simplicity which is in Christ Jesus. Theology has a way of dividing, it always has. We must always be very careful when arguing about theological matters that the issues don't become personal and thereby opening the door to all sorts of less than Godly things.

K.I.S.S. has never been more important than now, both within the Body of Christ as a whole and this site. Thank you again for this blog.

Blessings 2 You!

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

The best Christians I know, people who exhibit their faith in their lives, have a single view of faith, Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is much better to live for Christ in simple and abiding faith than argue doctrine. In the end that simple faith is the only thing that saves. So I can say, "Amen" to this blog with all sincerity. I appreciate Brother, WMJ, for his exhortation it is timely. But, I must, for the sake of my own conscience, write what I believe and defend the faith that was delivered to the saints. I do not demand that anyone agree with me nor do I make any judgment about their salvation. I will defend freedom of conscience for everyone even those with whom I disagree. Hopefully with Christian love and heartfelt affection.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I hear your hearts cry brother. I long for the same. Jesus Christ our Lord, though, dear brother, told us the cost of being His disciple. He was the sinless, perfect One, and yet look at what He was accused of. He told us, very clearly, we can expect no less.

Those who agree and amen the loudest, will be among the ones who strut their theological selves and talk (write) the loudest. We are all guilty. When a supposed brother uses names like attack dog, Pharisee, and even sisters who make claims not from God against their fellow family, it won't be long till we see a weak spot in their supposed armor as well. And yes, we are ALL guilty.

Truthfully, many Jews today will use loving God with all the heart, soul, and mind, as the greatest commandment. But, truthfully, we can ONLY DO THAT, by believing in, obeying, surrendering ourselves totally, and ever abiding, in JESUS CHRIST. It is all in, through, and for HIM, or it is all in vain. Scripture is just full of instruction in how to do that, in the New Testament that is in Jesus Christ. He did not do away with the Old, He fulfilled it, He will, to the crossing of a T, or dotting of an eye. HE, is Alpha, and Omega, and He was/is LORD of everything between. We keep the greatest commandment, only by believing In God's Son, Jesus Christ. We can't until we recognize Jesus Christ as God's Son, the Savior, our sin sacrifice, and the Lord of those who come to Him, and yes, the Lord also of those who will not, which is why eternal punishment and torment is the price to pay for refusing Him. It all revolves around Him, and believing in Him, and being one of His.

Personally, I will never apologize, nor shy away from telling that to the world, as long as God gives strength and opportunity to do so. As for all the rest, that deals with what theological positions we prefer among the thousands we have made, just let the whole council of Gods word He has given us, guide us, and take it, for what it really says, not what we might add, subtract, add, or change, in it. But, here is where we go again :mrgreen: .

Thanks. God Bless brother. billy

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Your last paragraph should be tacked up on the wall where each of us bloggers can see it while we "do our thing". In fact, I think I will. Keep blogging. - bibleguy