lets tear down the city walls

On the fourth of June of this year we recounted the coming of the Holy Spirit with wind and fire as recorded in Acts two.  This was the birth of the church for up to time the disciples were confused and anxious, but in the upper room that day in Jerusalem the bride of Christ was born.

Many centuries before on Mount Sinai the Jewish nation was born when the Ten Commandments where given in a mighty display of Gods; thunder and lightning.  The Jews gave this giving of the law, the name Pentecost.

I see a parallel here in Gods dealings; one, a birth of a nation and the other a birth of a Kingdom.  Both came with a corresponding display of Gods power and a manifestation of his glory.

All these last few weeks the Holy Spirit has been giving breathe to pray that the winds of God will blow across my land.  Each time I have bowed my knee before Gods throne I have been compelled to pray for Gods wind of destruction and power to blow across the dry bones of the church.  I can picture myself as Ezekiel must have experienced as the Lord called to him in chapter 37.  This has been praying in the spirit as I have been led along by the Holy Spirit unaware of my next sentence.

As a result I have seen in the physical, our country being battered by strong SW winds of gale force bringing havoc to certain parts of the land and causing flooding elsewhere.  A coincidence or a work of the Lord of Hosts who longs to redeem this land for himself?  I believe it is true to say that often we see Gods hand displayed in the physical before we notice the spiritual results.

I believe as we approach the celebration of the outpouring of the Spirit in Jerusalem that we again will experience the wind and fire of God’s presence upon the land.  Territorial spirits need to be conquered and the land cleansed of their iniquity.  I am believing that the spirit of revelation will fall on the intercessors so that we will be given discernment to slay the giants and break down the walls of our cities.

Will you join with those who have been called to stand in the gap and give the Lord no rest day and night for the deliverance of our land?  That the iniquity will be swept away, that the city walls will fall and that the dry bones will come to life and Gods great army will march forth.  May the watchman keep watch over the land that has been promised to Gods people for a possession.

God is calling for us to partner Him in his move across the nations for we his people have been given the nations as our inheritance.  I am believing for a move of God across the nations with wind and fire to re establish his rightful place among the nations and to establish Jerusalem his holy city. 

I am believing for another birth of God’s choosing, that of a great army that will break down the walls of today’s society.  For it is time for the armies of God to set out with the battle strategy and plans to retake the cities, for we are moving into another phrase of evangelism.  That is to take down the walls and strongholds that the enemy has build in the arts, entertainment, education, government corporations and families.

Scripture references – Acts 2/  Psalm 2/  Ezekiel 37/  Exodus 20

 John Knox
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K Reynolds

Just a question:

You wrote: "The Jews gave this giving of the law, the name Pentecost".

Don't you mean Shavuot? Pentecost is the Greek name for the Festival of Weeks or Shavuot.


Nice. Thanks for sharing.