Living in the Heavenlies

The Holy Spirit wishes to remind us that our position in Christ is located in the throne room of our Father.  For we have been ransomed from this earth and transformed to be seated with Christ; who is seated on the right hand of the Father.  Our positional rightful place is on the right side of the Father far above all dominion power and authority.  The word tells us that all things have been placed under the feet of Jesus and since we are in Christ, seated in the heavenlies, we to have all things under our feet.

As the faithful witnesses of Hebrews 11 longed for another dwelling place whose foundations where made by God, we to are called and encouraged to seek the things that are above where our heart is.  As we sit on our throne we are to reckon that we have died to sin and earthly thinking, using the worlds wisdom; and instead live as kings above all circumstances, worry, sickness, sin and demonic attacks.

Since we have all things placed under our feet we are to cease thinking and acting as we once did, leaning on our carnal nature.  Since we are above all dominions, powers, authorities and circumstances we are to consider ourselves sanctified redeemed, un-touchable and all conquering.

Do we have King Saul’s spirit, or do we possess the spirit of King David? 

Far too often we become caught up in our circumstances until they begin to consume us and we are carried along by them.  It is like riding on the back of a lion who roar is blocking out the voice of the Holy Spirit.  We find ourselves in a free fall unable to think in a coherent spiritual manner, let alone pray.  We loose all sense of spiritual reality as our feet walk the pathways of the earth, lost, like the prodigal, far away from our heavenly home.  Our armour has fallen off and we are ripe for an ambush.

Live as those who have been snatched from the fire honouring our Father’s love and the sacrifice of Christ blood.  Do not be double minded trying to live in the two worlds, saying our face is heavenward but our actions betray us, as those who belong to the earth and fleshly attitudes.

Here is how I believe we can live in the heavenlies as intended by God.  Submit yourself to God and resist the natural urge to find solutions according to the worlds methods.  Remember our weapons are not carnal, but mighty, soaked in the blood of Christ and infused with authority and power to pull down strongholds and demolish wild imaginations.