Long for Gods word in 2018

There is a stirring in the heavens as God is preparing to release his word direct to your hearts.  For too long says the Lord my people have been feeding on a diet of fast convenience earthly food that does not satisfy. 

I sense in the New Year there will be a tremendous outpouring of Gods word that will explode into the hearts of the hungry, those who long for the bread of life and the wine of glory.  The righteous will grow healthy and strong on my super food says the Lord.  For too long my people have been starving for the word of my mouth and have been denied my plans and will.

Open your hearts and begin to eat and feast on my word says the Lord; for there is a time coming when my word will be scarce and only those who know how to gather my word, will survive the long winter night of adversity.  Prepare now for the seven seasons of famine by sowing my word into your hearts and into the hearts of others.

For my word is more valuable to you than all the gold and precious metals in the world.  Create a longing and thirst for my word for you cannot dwell in my presence on the bread of the earth for long.  The wine of sensualism will not satisfy your thirst nor the burgers and doughnuts of mammon. 

Change now says the Lord; prepare your tabernacle so that I can lay out my feast for you in the presence of your enemies.  I long to come and sup with you.  Change, change change must be active in your mind for the coming year.  There is much more revelation coming from heaven, that will set the standard and blue-prints for building of the kingdom in the ages to come.

Gods word will be like a spiritual currency in the lean seasons that are coming, for without my word says the Lord you will make a ship wreck of your life.  My word will be like honey to your lips and health to your bones, for my scrolls will be the medicine that will protect you from the ravages of the seasons.