Lord Guard our Mind what we Think

Did you know that we have died to our negative thoughts for they were buried with Christs death?  We have died in Christ leaving behind the fleshy dominated thinking that ruled our life before we were raised to newness of life.  I was reminded of this the other day as my prostate flared up again and I was about to revert to my earthly negative thinking.  Before I could wonder why Gods power and grace had abandoned me and before I spoke out this curse of death the Holy Spirit checked my speech.

I have been on a training course of how our speech not only affects others – the topic on my previous blog, but how our negative thinking brings a curse over our life.  Thoughts such as: I am too weak, I am too poor; I am no use to God; I am not spiritual enough; I do not have much faith; I am always sick; and so on all bring a negative umbrella over our spirits.

When we dwell in self pity or false humility from a position of weakness we hinder the power of God to work in and through our life.  We are not walking in the abundant life that we signed up for and were given as a gift through the blood of Christ.  God cannot work his grace in our life if we walk, think and act as we did before he sealed us with his spirit.  Walking by faith is to reckon ourselves dead to sin, which includes sickness, poverty, and weakness.

Now that we have been raised to newness of life and are seated with Christ in the heavens our thinking must reflect our new position.  No longer are we slaves to negative thinking and fleshy thoughts for we are now sons and daughters of righteousness.  Walk ye in it as the KJV would say.

So I was checked and I heard my self say that my prostate has been healed in the name of Jesus, for by his wounds I am healed.  I heard myself say ‘It is written thus.’  In that moment with the Holy Spirits helps I chose to live and walk in the spirit not by what my eyes could see and the message this was sending to my mind.  The next morning the crisis had disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived the day before.

I believe many of us hinder the full work of God in our life for we still hold onto old mantras that bring curses rather than blessings upon our heads.  Mantras that tell our hearts that we cannot change for whatever reason drag us down and God cannot fully express himself through us.

Remember that in Christ we have been healed, sanctified, redeemed, made victorious, more than conquerors, made alive, more than over comers, rich in grace, full of peace and so on.  Why then we insist in digging that which has been buried?  We have been exhorted to renew our mind and this change of thinking is part of this process of having the mind of Christ.

We must form new habits and alter our mind set and believe our position Christ and choose to walk in that position.  Since we are more than conquerors then we must choose to align our thinking with that positional truth. 

To do otherwise is to walk in poverty of spirit and grieves the heart of God and makes the power of the cross null and void.

 John Knox
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