More Spiritual Warfare Tactics


The blog entitled ‘Run to the Giant’ by K Reynolds has not been far from my mind as it struck a chord in my spirit, for it is a truth that the Holy Spirit has been showing myself.  Hence, I was rejoicing to note that the Lord had revealed this to another well-known and respected blogger here on CB.  The blog also resonated in my spirit because this a season of spiritual warfare, for I believe the enemy is on an all-out assault on Gods troops.  I myself have been subjected to more attacks recently than previously.  Therefore, we need to be prepared for warfare.

Without taking anything away from this, truth the Holy Spirit said to me, that before we can run to the enemy we must first learn to walk in the spirit.  Perhaps this is why some of us have fallen over when we have attempted to tackle our giant.  We cannot run before we have first learned to walk.

Looking back at the story of David and Goliath recorded in 1 Samuel 17 we note that David was able to discern the enemy.  He was more than a giant, for he was an uncircumcised Philistine who was defiling God.  David was able to see the spirit behind the giant’s persona, for he was ruled by Satan himself.  Before we run into battle need to discern who our enemy is.  Is our enemy a demonic spirit? and if so do they have a name.  Otherwise we are fighting blind, punching the air aimlessly – 1 Corinthians 9:26.  Discernment comes by both the word and the spirit of God.

David had proven his faith on his home ground against the wild lion and bear for he had triumphed by the hand of God.  Therefore, David’s faith in the arm of the Lord was strong and proven for his confidence in Gods ability had been disciplined into an unshakable unwavering trust.  Many of us at times have rejected the discipline training of the Lord for it was too tough and we quickly threw in the towel.  Hebrews 12:8-11.  In dong so we are un-prepared for battle.

Finally, too many of us lean unto our own understanding when we face our giants, forgetting that we as sons and daughters of the Living God can ask for wisdom.  James 1:5.  It is arrogance on our part to think that we have the knowledge and wisdom to fight our battles.  Even though David is known as a warrior King he was also a praying/worshipping King as seen by the Psalms. 

Before we can be an effective warrior for the King of Kings let us not skip our basic weapon training.  Which is Prayer and speaking in tongues.  Jude 1:20  By so doing we build ourselves up in battle readiness as we take toddler steps leading to mature steps and onto running to the battle.