Mourning into Joy and Sadness into Hope

To those who are carrying a heavy burden as if a mill stone was around your neck; I remind you that Jesus said that his burden is light, and his yoke is easy on the shoulders.  May I remind you that even though the night is long the sun will rise in the morning and your mourning will be turned to joy.  For the Lord will give you a garland of praise instead of a robe of sadness and despair.

Can you recall the times of joy in the Lord for once again the Holy Spirit will bring pools of water for you to rest by and green pastures to lie down in.  Remember that the righteous who fall will be lifted again, even if this happens time after time.  For the eye of the Lord his upon his children whom he loves with a love that cannot be explained but can be sensed and experienced.

The sheep hear and know the voice of the shepherd for the voice of the shepherd is not forgotten.  Be still and know the voice of the shepherd for he is calling those eagles who are resting and are weary from the winds of adversity to rise, for he will cause you to soar above the valleys.

Your tears are before the Lord of hosts as he has bottled them as a remembrance of your times of sorrow, but these times will be restored says the Lord of mercy as you look to me with open hearts.  For I will rain on you the former and latter rains and in doing so you will be called the oaks of righteousness before the Lord whose leaves will be healing for the nations.