My God will Supply

God is our present provider and he is willing to empty his storehouse of blessings upon those who cry out to him with a hunger and thirst born of his love.  God has promised to provide us with everything for our enjoyment.  Whatever we lack at the present time is available from the Father of Lights who delights to give good things to his children. 

Seek my face for all your needs says the Lord.  I feed ravens to my children; I provided manna to my chosen ones.  How much more will I open the doors of my blessings to those whose life is hid in Christ, my Son who intercedes for you day and night.

I sense in my spirit that those who have prodigals that need to return; God will provide a way back for them.  Ask, seek and knock for provision is about to be loosed on those who have enlarged their borders and loosened their tent ropes.  Provision is about to be sent to those who seek the Lord and his righteousness.  This is the day that the Lord provides.

Clear away your threshing floors, make room, open the doors of your house and welcome in Gods provisions, that will rebound to Him with glory and bring honour to his name – the Lord who Provides.

Do not store up for yourself stores of earthly value which are subject to the fluctuations of mankind but build up treasure from heaven that are of more value than all the jewels in the world.

Receive today Gods provisions.  Contend for his blessings for there is a ladder from heaven reaching sown to Gods sons and daughters chosen before the world was formed.