My (Gods) Thoughts on the Upcoming year 2019

If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. 1 Peter 4:11

There is a spiritual maximin that God speaks first in the natural then the spiritual.  I believe that this year 2019 will see the spiritual culmination of the adverse weather patterns of cyclones and floods of the past.  This year will see such heightened spiritual activity.  There will be extreme revelation, so much so that we will be continually amazed and blown away by the shocking and powerful insights into Gods methods.  When the year comes to a close, we will look back and realize that we had only been seeing only through a glass darkly.  So great will be the years transformation.

The winds of the Holy Spirit will tear through our hearts and churches revealing the hidden darkness, tearing down the strong holds of the enemy and flushing out the hidden sins.  There will be floods of justice washing away the filth and cleaning out the swamp that we have allowed to form in our hearts and church’s.  The prophetic will increase to such a level that we will not recognize the previous years prophetic.  Finally the prophetic will be used as God intended it to – outside the church.

The prophetic will move outside the church walls to where God originally intended the oracles of God to be spoken.  No longer will the word of the Lord be an encouragement ‘bless me’ message, but it will be like a hammer and a fire to tear down, expose darkness and bring guidance and direction to the Kings of nations and gate keepers of the mountains.  For too long the church has forfeited its position as Gods voice to the nations.

A double mantle will be upon the prophets who will speak with greater authority concerning world wide events pin-pointing actual happenings such as increased volcanic activity around the Indonesian islands.  I have heard the phrase Blow, Blow, Blow many times as I stand in the courts of the Lord seeing a clear vision of the South China Sea.

The seers of the Lord will have increased ability to see with such clarity and will spend many an hour taken up into heaven.  They will have a heightened awareness of Gods aroma, they will taste the presence of God and feel his warmth on a continual basis.  Finally, the seers will have a break out within the local church and will be appreciated by those who are caught up in the whirl winds of the Holy Spirit.

The hurricanes of Gods four winds will prevail across the nations that people will no longer say that God does not exist for his power will be evident, even in the remotest island nations.  Jerusalem and Israel will begin to be positioned as the hub of world trade, commerce and activity as a revival will been seen among the population.  More nations will become friends with Israel.

A Caleb spirit will invade the church and they will lead out the believers into the promised land, for no longer will the ekklesia be imprisoned in wilderness mentality locked into wandering aimlessly hoping for the rapture as their release.  The church will be like eagles instead of chickens. 

Such will be Gods increased activity that we will no longer have time to stand in awe and amazement for we will be running to keep up with Gods appearances on earth.   To quote a famous line from a book; it will be the best of times but also the worst of times.  Satan will be increasing in his activity but since he is defeated; he will not count, but he will cause trouble for the unstable minded believer.


John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Very much looking forward to a more prosperous 2019 👍

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·



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