My Grace is Sufficient part 4

I hear the Lord say that my grace is sufficient not only for the thorns in the flesh but for all aspects of your workmanship in Christ that I have called you to.  I have blessed you with all the blessings in the heavenly realms that flow from the throne of the Father.  In this sense you do not need anything else but the strength, wisdom love and authority of my grace says the Lord.  Today I am recalling you to rise up and exercise your warrior spirit for all the weapons, strategy and power that I have given you are sufficient.

I am calling forth the Davidic spirit of the warrior that I have made available to you, for this is the day that you are to crush and trample your enemy as David did to Goliath.  Why do you say that the enemy is a mega giant when he calls you out?  Why do you fear your Goliath when my grace is mega sufficient for you?  Learn from David as he faced up to Goliath.

No weapon formed against you will prevail for I have provided you with five smooth stones from my brook of enteral grace.  As with David only one stone was needed but I have given you five which is more than enough.  The weapons of righteousness in your right hand and left hand are more than sufficient; did I not provide David with a sling and only five stones?

1 Samuel is the account of David and Goliath recorded in the scriptures which we will now un pack and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us.

David did not see Goliath as a formidable giant that was un beatable, rather he called him an un circumcised Philistine who was defying the armies of the most high.  David knew that greater is he, that is within you: than he that is without; for any enemy of God is 100% beatable.  We need to call out the enemy and see him as he really is.

David recalled his past victories over the lion and bear knowing that God gave the victory then and he will do the same with this un-couth Philistine, as he was defiling Gods name.  Any enemy that defiles Gods name is defeated already.  Draw Gods strength, authority and hope from past victories.  His grace is more than sufficient.

David ran towards his enemy and stood his ground facing the threat head on as he prepared to use his weapon.  David know where his authority came from and he knew how to have a sober mind that was cool under pressure.  David’s eyes and thoughts were totally focused on God, for his grace is sufficient.

This day says the Lord my grace is sufficient for you for I have given you authority to trample on serpent’s heads and scorpions, for the power of the enemy has been defeated; nothing shall touch you.  The authority that God gave to his Son Jesus has been passed onto all believers to go into all the nations and subdue the enemy for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Rise up and face your Goliath for the victory will be yours for my grace is more than sufficient for you.  Release your Davidic spirit.

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