My Light, your Bushel and My Gifts

Let your light shine before all the world for as I blow upon your flame my gifts will be known to the world.  Seek earnestly my gifts, all of my gifts for I do not intend for you to become one horse ponies.  Earnestly seek all my gifts and do not allow them to be hidden under a bushel.  I have set you on a hill to be a light to the nations; therefore, let your light, my gifts shine into the world.

But so many of you my believers have become fixated and obsessed with the enemy’s dealings with you, that your eyes are him and his words to you.  Do not be sucked into the devils plans for you; for in doing so you are covering your light that I have kindled within you.  My light, my gifts are being hidden as you are caught in the web of Satan’s lies, tricks, smoke and mirrors game.  Stop listening to his words. 

My words I have written down for you as my will, testament and legal declarations, these are to be the focus of your mind.  For how can you desire the gifts if your focus is on the whispered words of the enemy.  My word is true, and I have written them down for you; turn to my words and re energize your spirit and allow my light to shine into the world.  If you cannot bring any word that floods into your mind to be subjected to the obedience of Jesus, cast it out as dung, for it is the word of the enemy.

My words bring life, my words bring prosperity, my words bring health, my words bring overcoming power, my words bring freedom, my words bring release, my words bring joy.  Dwell on my words and seek my gifts, for I need you with my gifts in the end times to bring my kingdom power and authority to the nations.  I need you says the Lord to shine with my gifts into the world.

Seek my face, think on my words, press into me, align your thinking with my words, cease looking at the devils handiwork around you, turn you thoughts to me, block you ears to the ‘put downs’ and negative thoughts that do not come from me.

I have placed you on a hill and I am counting on you, my redeemed children, to allow my light to shine into the world; for my gifts will display my power and mercy, so that others may see me and come into the kingdom.