My Revelatory Truths for Jewish Year 5780

Over the past week, which has seen me plummet to a low level of faith, yet the Lord has been willing to share a number of revelations to me.

The Garden of Eden is seen in many different guises; from being a literal account, to a mythical story, to a symbolic rendition.  Either way we all tend to see this as a story as a past happening, not particularly relevant.  Yet we all have been planted in our Garden of Eden with two trees; a Tree of Life and a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Each time that we have to make a life decision, the two trees are before us; will we chose the tree that leads to life or the tree that leads to expulsion from Gods presence.  We continually are making choices  to either walk by the spirit or by sight.

We need to remind ourselves that the enemies words/lies have no power over us.  The enemies suggestions will not harm us.  We have immunity from Satan's influence.  We have been inoculated from Satan's sickness.  Satan was defeated and rendered powerless by the cross; he has been immobilized.  He only has power over us if we entertain his thoughts.  If we listen to his speaking and keep on listening, as Adan & Eve found out; only then can he control us.  Far too often we give Satan permission to torment us and oppress us, and then we are perplexed that we have been caught in his snare.

As I see it there is not a battle between Good and Evil as we are led to believe .  There is no real cosmic battle between Satan and God.  God is not in the ring with Satan.  Satan is a created being, whereas God has always been.  No one can stand in the ring with God.  Rather we need to see the battle as a struggle being created beings; Satan is in conflict with Michael the archangel.  Satan's equal is Michael.  The battle is an angelic struggle.  I would like to believe that when we come before Gods throne and are introduced to Satan, we will exclaim in astonishment; 'Did you really do all that!'

Monday, Tuesday were very low days for me as I railed against God for a lack of healing.  I know God can heal; then why was he not reaching down to me.  I tried all the persuasion techniques that I knew.  I claimed authority over my prostate.  I reminded God of his healing scriptures.  I rebuked the enemy.  I claimed the blood.  Without knowing it I overstepped the mark and began to bully God, twisting his arm up his back.

It was only by the grace of God that he pulled me back and brought 'godly repentance' upon me.  Wrestling with God is foolishness and can destroy your faith and relationship with God our Father.  I was reminded that if earthly fathers give good gifts to their children, how much more God our Loving Father give gifts to his children, who must be in a 'surrendered child-like' attitude.  Present your bodies as living sacrifices, dying to pride, dying to self and allowing the potter to mould us, as he wills.  The pot on 'Gods potter's wheel' is always surrendered to the hands of the Master Potter.

I am at peace and learning to be content in whatever state I am in, giving thanks always.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Good word ... thank you John.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree!

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