My Thunder will Crash from Heaven

I hear the voice of the Lord say, that I am rolling down my thunder upon the distant isle's.  My voice will thunder and roll down from the mountain tops flooding into the valleys.  My thunder will peel across the lands reaching and crashing into every gate keeper.  The sound of my voice will reverberate around the seats of power, for my thunder will shake the seven mountains in the nations.  I will shake the sound waves with my thunder says the Lord of Hosts.

Those who are waiting in their upper rooms, will hear my thunder and they will close their ears for so loud will my sound fill the room.  My voice will shatter the walls of their upper room.  For the Lord Almighty will come with thunder, a loud voice and flashes of light into the hearts of my waiting people.  So loud will my thunder roll into their hearts and souls that my waiting people will fall on their faces.  Their upper rooms will quake at the sound of my voice and the walls will tremble and shake at my presence.

There is coming a time when the Lord will thunder from on high and the sound of my tempest will reach my waiting people, who will fall on their faces, fainting.  But they will arise with my thunder in their ears and full of supernatural boldness in their hearts.  For my kingdom says the Father is one of power, boldness and love.

As in the upper room on the day of Pentecost; so to will this day, in the hearts of my waiting people be born a boldness, that the earth and the enemy has never seen before   Tremble you earth and the enemies of the Lord Most Holy, for my boldness will suddenly accelerate across the land tearing down the darkest and deepest strongholds.  No one will stand before my army of boldness.  No one will resist my thunderous voice.

As David rushed towards the giant so to will my army of boldness move with the speed of lightning across the nations.  My army of boldness will be my threshing machine to the nations, says the Lord Most Holy.  The lips of my chosen will thunder with my boldness.

Boldness will bring in my harvest as the enemies gates are destroyed and my power, love and authority sweep the lost into my arms says the Lord.  For to long we have camped in our caves and it is time to go into your upper room and wait for my thunder roll says the Lord.

Spoken to me Sunday 21st July 2019

Now is the season to press into this word with prayer and fasting forsaking all as we eagerly with unbridled enthusiasm wait for the Lords response.  Now is the time to stand with raised hands and a willing heart in our upper room watch tower.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

It has been a long time since I studied the life of David. I think I am going to try to put that onto my personal todolist... his life is always a great study.

Your blog reminded me a couple of songs by Rick Pino.

Here are a few of my favorite of his.

The last one is probably my all time favorite song of his.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

"that my waiting people will fall on their faces."

This was a common expression throughout scripture. Why does the church majority today believe coming into His Presence is a light and warm fuzzy feeling vs. fear of the Lord??

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