NY Resolutions and Christs Lordship

Over the last few days as we draw close to the end on 2017 and enter into 2018 I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit to never again make a New Year resolution.  This has nothing to do with the fact that many NY resolutions that we make, we do not keep.  No, this red flag in my spirit goes right to the heart of who is my Lord and whom do I worship

I was curious as I pressed deeper into this warning to hear the Fathers voice and to sense his heart beat as we move into a new year, for a sense of fear had overwhelmed me.  I believe I heard the Holy Spirit repeat to me the first commandment.  You shall not have other gods and you shall not make graven images and idols to worship. 

As this was spoken into my spirit I realised that to make a resolution or NY wish we are invoking divine assistance to help us, and in most cases the deity that we are calling upon is demonic.  By not asking the Lord for assistance in our new year resolution we are denying the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Many of those who read this may fervently disagree with this as nonsense and dismiss the above. 

That’s OK but as for me and my household we seek to serve the Lord.  Are there not verses in the scriptures that exhort us to commit our way unto the Lord and he will guard our going out and our coming in?  One cannot deny that these biblical principles do not exist.  Therefore, as I see it, thanks to a revelation from the Holy Spirit, we need to be aware as to whom we are invoking to help us during the year.

This same principle applies to those who cast a coin into a wishing well while making a wish – we are calling upon the water spirits to grant us our wish.  Again, you may shake your head in disbelief and call me deluded.  But I am believing not, for the Holy Spirit is taking me deeper into the father’s heart and I am hearing things that are causing me to fear the Lord.

I believe that many things that we do and speak out, have been tainted by worldly earthly thinking that invades out minds and hearts, which we have not transformed by the renewing of our hearts, by the working of the Holy Spirit.  We have been redeemed but we have never considered the need to sanctify and consecrate ourselves.

To whom will we turn to for help in 2018?  Will we commit our way unto the Lord or will we make resolutions and wishes without any reference to our Father?  We claim and convince ourselves that we walk by faith; but do we really?  Too many of Christs disciple miss the mark in this issue!  This is tantamount to sinning according to the scriptures.

Prayer – Father I thank you for your guidance and blessings of 2017 and confess that you were not Lord of all my comings and goings, my thoughts and actions.  As I step into the new callings and blessings that you have given me for 2018 I acknowledge your Lordship over my callings and I wish to declare that you are Lord, for I am but your servant called to administer your glory on the earth for your Kingdom.  Lord Jesus I give my allegiance to you for 2018    Amen.

Now unto Him who will keep me and guide me in 2018 to God be all the glory and authority over my life.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Amen wmj. We must call upon Jesus as Lord to whom every knee shall bow. Thanks for sharing this on your heart.

Beth M @blest ·

I might agree to a point. I personally do not make NYresolutions. My NYresolution every year, long ago, was to get Birthday cards out on time. Rarely was able to fulfill that past June. But if one were to, say, resolve to pray more faithfully; or read one's Bible more faithfully, I do not see that as demonic. Perhaps we look at resolutions differently. I look at them as trying to do something, a goal perhaps, like reading the Bible more faithfully, as a good thing. Perhaps I'm not understanding your blog.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with Beth. Perhaps we do look at them differently. I never make New Year resolutions either but I see nothing wrong with setting personal goals and striving to obtain them. In fact, the think we should. The danger comes when we decide we don't need God...we can do it all by ourselves.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

I believe the issue is making goals and striving to achieve through strength in Christ. The wishing well and coin though seemingly harmless, we do open ourselves to other spirits. Setting goals and committing them unto the Lord is good. Whether at the beginning of the year or otherwise ... this is how I read the blog.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Have a blessed 2018