October and the Transition of the Saints

As I have previously heard from the Holy Spirit this month, the moth of October is a significant month in the times and seasons of the Father. For I have heard the Lord say that this month is, for those who will embrace his word, a month of transition. This understanding is born out when one delves into the meaning of this month from a Jewish understanding

The month of October in the Gregorian calendar is known in the Jewish almanack as the month of Cheshvan, which means in Hebrew ‘bitterness, deterioration and spiritual darkness.’ It is the month when there appears to be no opportunities for spiritual growth as the leaves on the tree wither and go into hibernation. It is also the month when the great flood of Genesis 7, hence the month also speaks of plentiful rains that will wash away the bitterness and spiritual darkness to bring new growth and life.

It is fitting from the above explanation that this month is the month of transition as metamorphosis can been see as a time of spiritual inactivity and a sense of bitterness as we can feel a time of abandonment as we change seasons.

How can we navigate this time of darkness and apparent feeling loneliness as we walk through our changeover?

There are many episodes in scripture that depict transformation and a change of seasons. But the Holy Spirit pointed me to the time of Noah and the flood as described in Genesis six and seven. As it is suggested from Peter’s epistle the ark was a picture of Jesus Christ. The ark was the salvation of Noah and his family.

In the same way during this period of transition we need to be shut up with Jesus. Noah achieved his salvation through the ark by being obedient - Genesis 6:22. We to can be shut up in Jesus by being obedient to the word that we have received prior to the period of transition. 2 Timothy 1:6. Look back and recall the word that sang in your heart as we entered into our time of hibernation. Declare and decree this word over you as you walk through this valley of shadows.

Jesus also went through a time a change from being known as a carpenters son to the Messiah, through the hands of John at the river Jorden. As the Holy Spirit recalled this change over it was pressed into my spirit that this was a time of wilderness trails for Jesus before he was released into gospel ministry. During his 40 days and nights he was sustained by the word and angels.

The lesson here for us is to stay in the word to overcome our adversary, tempter and accuser, for such will come to us as I blogged previously in the form of confusion, doubt and condemnation. By standing in the word angels will minister us, even though we may not be aware of their pastoral care.

The time frame of 40 is hugely significant for it has the connotations of testing and trails. It rained 40 days and nights. Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days and nights. I prefer in this time of transition to think of the time as training. We are being trained for our next assignment in the new season that we are about to be released into. This period of bitterness and apparent darkness is the time of seeds being sown into our soul, precepts being imprinted upon our minds, and the mind of Christ being further formed in our hearts.

Walk through this month into a season of joy and gladness for the rewards will be greater than the former season.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I like that phrase, "shut up with Jesus". When we are shut up with Him, we are safe no matter how fierce the storm is around us. We are safe though the world around us is shaken and broken to its very core. In Him, we are always safe.