on the mountain of the lord from genesis 22

Genesis 22 contiued….                                                           

As we draw to the close of this epic story that has tantalized and captured the hearts of many a follower of Christ for its powerful simplify.  Genesis 22 is one of those rare passages that even though we feel we have mastered the text we have a suspicion that the text has not been allowed to master us.  As we peel back layer upon layer of truth we sense that we will never reach the depths of this passage.

We come to verse 14 where we are introduced to a beautiful name of God, that of Jehovahjireh as rendered by the KJV.  The Lord will Provide.  The Hebrew word more commonly translated as ‘provide’ can equally be rendered as ‘to see.’  Among scholars this causes much debate for does it mean ‘the Lord will see you through a sticky spot’ or should it be that ‘the Lord will be revealed?’

The second phrase of the verse that has been called a proverb is also contentious.   But this blog is not the place to wrestle with these controversial issues that are only reserved for those who love endless chatter.

But we need to move beyond these ‘higher criticism’ debates and open our spiritual ears to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say to us today.

1/ God has a plan for each of us, for as he formed us in our mother womb our destiny under the Holy spirit was already known.  God has plans for our welfare and for our calling to be a light to the nations.  Because of these plans God will use circumstances to purify and refine us so that we can be of use to him a witness to Jesus

Hence God will arrange any number of tests or trails to bring us into shape as decreed by his word.  He will ask us the climb the mountain of testing which in all instances will be difficult, arduous and energy sapping.  His call is to come up higher and with each step we come closer to the heart of God.

2/ God himself will set the mountain of testing before us when he deems that we need to come up higher.  We need to beware of calling up our own mountain of testing and choosing our own place of sacrifice.  It is not our place to destroy the sin in us for only the fire of God can fully purify us for his good works.  Our calling is to offer our bodies up on the alter as living sacrifices and watch the fire of God descend from heaven and consume leaving us sanctified

3/ Abraham called this mountain of test ‘God will Provide’ for he had discovered a profound truth that God will lift his hand off his sons and daughters when we have proved ourselves worthy of our calling.  In this sense the Lord will see to it that we are provided with an ‘out’ in his time and choosing.  Interestingly Abraham did not name this testing mountain ‘Abraham’s time of trial.’  Abraham had enough good dense to divert attention away from himself and onto Yahweh.

4/ Therefore may we remember when we are climbing our test mountain and under real pressure tormented with our thoughts as was Isaac and Abraham, that God will provide.  May we be faithful as was shown here in this passage of instant obedience, perseverance, and an unshakable conviction that Gods word was true.  In doing so we become one with our Father as we discern the heart of God with better clarity.

I close with today’s verse from Ephesians 5:2

Unless told otherwise, this blog closes off the studies in Genesis 22

 John Knox
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K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

Nothing ever catches God by surprise. We must remember that. Abraham's "story", teaches us about walking by faith, sacrifice, God's desire to be our friend, that God keeps His promises, etc. Just like Joseph's story teaches us that God has a purpose for allowing us to go through the "nightmare" in order to fulfill the dream.

Thank you for this very thought-provoking series.

Deepa N (@deepaanne)

nice and thought provoking series. thank u.