Praise and Worship first Blessing are Secondary

As I was worshipping the other day in my home, the Holy Spirit said ever so clearly: ‘The Glory of the Lord brings Blessings.  As these words were spoken into my mind I realized the truth and importance of this and found that my spirit was heightened as Gods presence filled me.  I have since thought about this phrase over the last few days and in fact I incorporated these words into a sentence of my last posting.  But I have sensed in my spirit that the Lord wishes to expand this message into my mind so that I can pass onto those who belong to this site.

As I have pondered this phrase and pressed into the Fathers heart for deeper understanding I have realized these words are a caution rather than a warning.  When I sense a ‘red flag’ from the Holy Spirit I tend to back off and wait for further revelation.  There was a time when I would have resorted to my four years theological thinking/training; but thankfully the Holy spirit in his gentleness has weaned me off such an approach.

The following are the words that I believe that the Holy Spirit has been saying to me as I have dwelt in his presence.

If we are not careful we can walk through a door of deception thinking that God is the giver of good gifts Without knowing it we can become a follower of Jesus for what he can give us, for the blessings he so eagerly bestows on us, for the blessings we receive, for our success.  Without realizing it God has become a Heavenly Santa Claus or a wizard who can turn our difficulties into positives with a wave of his hand.  From what I know the ‘prosperity gospel theology’ and similar teaching boarders on this thinking.  It is not all ‘name and claim’ or declaring this and that.

The Bible makes it so plain that in this world we will have troubles, not only troubles, but our own ‘thorns in the flesh’ and divers temptations.  There are seasons in our walk with God that we must walk through our own valley of death when the heavens above are like sold brass and the voice of God has deserted us.  If we have an understanding of a ‘name and claim it’ faith, we can come unstuck for the expectant blessings that we long for may not arrive.  Gods postal delivery can be slow or become lost.

If the expectant blessings do not come we are told that we do not have enough faith, or we begin the see the devils hand in our sufferings and we turn our attention to exorcism with the resulting attitude that we take our eyes off our saviour and redeemer.  By focusing on our circumstances and imagined demonic oppression, after a time in this state of mind, we are opening the door inch by inch to being demonized.

No; the phrase ‘The Glory of God brings Blessings’ focuses our hearts and minds on worship, thanksgiving and praise first and foremost all the time.  This attitude and thinking worships and follows Christ as our crucified saviour and redeemer, rather than the blessings he procures for us.  Do we follow Jesus for who he is or for what he can give us?  To walk the spirit is simply living and walking in the presence and glory of God which we continually seek always through prayer and praying in the spirit.  In this walk of faith, we follow in love and obedience, not caring where we walk or where our pathway takes us.  Our delight is in the Lord and his fellowship and communion.  We are happy to drink from his cup.

The account in Acts of Paul and Silas in prison highlights this spiritual principle.