prayer and the armour of god

This revelation has come to be recently; that the reason why we must put on the armour of God is to stand firm in prayer.  Without taking up the armour our prayers will not be as effective as we struggle and battle our way into the Fathers throne room.  The great end time battle will be waged over the position, place and power of prayer in a believer’s life. 

Prayer is easy for us because of the life of the Son laid down for us.  The struggles of prayer come when the powers of darkness divert our conversations away from the living God.  Without clothing ourselves in the armour we open ourselves to the diversions, doubts and lies from the powers of darkness.

I wish to take an in depth look at this passage from Ephesians 6 which is often taught and preached in isolation from the issue of prayer.

Twice Paul mentions for us to ‘put on the armour’ – see verse 11 & 13.  When we are born again we are given a full suit of armour, but we must strive to take up the various pieces of put them on.  God will not do this for us; lets be clear on this.  For some believers this concept is surrounded in confusion and mystery.   This deception is the work of the devil.

For me putting on the full armour is staying in the vine analogy, being one with Jesus, living in his word and aligning our thoughts with scripture is indistinguishable from putting on the full armour.  The scriptures speak of striving, of pressing in, of being one with the Father through Jesus.  By choosing to walk at one with Jesus we are putting on the armour so let us not become hung up on the misunderstanding of Ephesians 6.   Putting on the armour is being baptized and resurrected with Jesus and recognizing that we are seated in the heavenly places

Once clothed in the armour we are exhorted to ‘stand firm.’  This concept is mentioned four times.  Verse 11, twice in verse 13 and verse 14.  Again we need to take notice of this exhortation to stand.  We tend to want to get up and go, do things, be active, conquer the world, make a difference.  There is no mention to storm the towers of evil or take down the evil doers. 

Having zeal and a fire to do things in the name of Jesus is contrary to Gods plan.  Once clothed in the armour we are called to stand firm; this is our defensive attitude, whereas praying is our offensive action.

Our zeal and fire is to be directed to prayer not our doing things in the name of the Lord no matter how spiritual they are; for often such actions will be the works of the flesh.

But how do we stand firm?  Are we to bottle up our zeal, to rein in our enthusiasm?  Stand with gritted teeth seething that we cannot be active?  To me the pictures of standing firm are illustrated by the Lord Jesus asleep in the storm tossed boat.  David calm before Goliath.  Both Joshua and Caleb positive about the Promised Land.  Standing firm is being at peace knowing that God is who he says he is and he will do what he has promised to do.  Confident with no panic is our stance.

Praying while anxious, fearful, or full of worry is not standing firm.  In fact in so doing we are double minded for while we are praying we are also in conversation with the devil and listening to his voice.

Having done this we are to pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers for all the Lords people – verse 18.  We are encouraged to pray in the spirit.  Praying is the greater work that we are called to do in the name of the Lord.  Prayer is our calling.

Prayer pulls down the enemies’ strongholds, prayer set the captives free, prayer releases the prisoners, prayer brings salvation and prayer brings Gods plans into being.  Prayer prepares the way of the Lord across the land.  Prayer releases Gods chariots.  Prayer calls forth Gods angels.  Prayer changes us from glory into glory.

We are Gods warriors, therefore lets us go forth on bended knee for  now is the time to stand firm clothed in HIS armour and bring heaven down to earth.

 John Knox
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This has been a wonderful series. I have read them but have not left a comment because of the profound pinpointing of truths; therefore, I did not feel there was anything from my end I could add - and really still don't - except to thank the Lord for inspiring you and for your obedience to write what you've been given.

However, I did want to let you know that I have kept up with them.

Your friend,