Prayer for the Home

Heavenly Father I call out to Jesus to be Lord of my home.  I cover the doorposts; the roof of my home with the blood of Jesus and with the keys of David I lock the doors that can gain Satan an entrance.

Father I decree and declare that the peace of yourself will flow through this house; that the love of the Holy Spirit will dwell with its walls.  I declare and decree that the fire of Jehovah will burn within this house and destroy any falsehoods and idols erected against the living God.  I ask that the cloud of your glory will cover this house.

I bring home into this house the peace and love of God to dwell here and be my constant companions.  I restore into this house the salvation and redemption that I have lost through neglect and the focus on other things.  I long to being health and healing into these walls along with joy and gladness in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Bless all who come into this home that they may taste and see the glory of the Lord for as I take a servant like attitude may your glory rise and engulf all who dwell here.  May this house be known in the heavenlies as a house of prayer.

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I will add this to my prayer arsenal! Glory to God!