prayerful weapons of warfare

I have been reading through the historical books of 1st & 2nd Samuel, 1st & 2nd Kings plus 1st & 2nd Chronicles and in doing so I have been entranced by the protection and oversight of Yahweh over his children.  There have been times and seasons of peace from their enemies, while the opposite has also been true.  Some of the battles have been when their enemies marched against them, while other times Gods people have been the instigators. 

There were defeats and there were victories; some defeats were crushing when whole villages were taken and forced into captivity.  All in all battles were common place for the enemy could attack at any time and they themselves needed to re capture lost territory.

Is this not true of our own walk by faith?  For those of us who are continually pressing into the Fathers presence, battles with the demonic will have to be fought.   The moment that Satan senses that we are becoming actively involved in the Kingdom he will bring his forces to cripple us.  His battle fields can be anywhere, not necessarily confined to the so called ‘spiritual.’  He will use the secular if it suits his purposes to de rail us from our trust in Gods goodness.  He will use friends to upset us and take our eyes off the prize of our calling.

Sometimes we are not even aware that we are in a struggle with the forces of darkness as we battle through with no real breakthrough.  O I pray that we may have discernment to know that the struggle and wrestling is on a higher plane than the secular.

I pray that we may call on Wisdom to know the difference and come up with a battle plan.  Reading the above historical books, I could but not notice, that the Lord of Hosts went into battle with the Israelites when they were walking up righteously before Yahweh.  I also notice that the battles were fought on two different planes. 

At times the children of God did not have to physically fight as in the battle found in 2nd Chronicles 20 known as Jehoshaphat’s Victory.  Other times they had to go into battle and the fighting was fierce, at times lasting all day.  I recall reading of David capturing the impregnable mount Zion from the Jebusites, where the men had to climb up a water pipe to enter into the heavily build wall and protected city.

I have encountered the same two differences in my battles with the principalities and forces of darkness.  At times I have needed to stand and watch the Lord of Host defeat the darkness.  While other times there have been struggles, wrestlings, battles and drawn out physical and spiritual exertions.

I have been grateful when Yahweh has stepped in and claimed the battle while my own struggles have been rewarded with a deeper faith and grounding in the word.

Our weapons of prayer are mighty to bring down the strongholds and dismantling any pretensions and thoughts that are not obedience to the word of God.  Put on the armour of God and go forth into battle with Christ leading the way as you cling to the cross.

Forgiveness is a little unknown battle weapon for Satan cannot attack a believer who has a pure heart and is clean before the Lord.  O believer come to the Lord and seek forgiveness from any negative thought that may have taken root in your heart before you even begin to go into battle.  A soldier who is not totally committed will be overrun by the enemy.

Praise and worship is the dwelling place of the Most High God.  Use this weapon strategy often being guided and lead by the Holy Spirit.  If this is a struggle at first do not quit but press in with greater focus on the blessings, nature and wonder of God.  Thank the Father for the benefits of the cross.  The enemy cannot dwell in the praises and worship of Gods people for he will flee from you.  Go to prayer with praise and worship on your lips.

Take up your sword which is the word of God and repeat, confess and stand on the words from the scriptures until they have became written on our hearts seared with a hot iron.  Keep using your sword until the victory is the Lords and you can rise up in thanksgiving as the spoils of victory flow over you. 

Yes there are times when we have to co operate with God in the fighting for not every time will God intervene with the miraculous.  So do not be found standing in the midst of a battle with the taunts of Goliath ringing in your ears crying out to the Lord for victory.  Get up in the name of the Lord as David did selecting your stones and slinging you sling trusting in the Lord for the Victory.

There are times when we cannot just stand back and hope the Lord will fight our battles every time; no, we have to use our weapons of righteousness` in our left and right hand standing in the armour praying with fervent hope.

 John Knox
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