praying for the nations

I am convinced that the Lord of Hosts is doing a new thing that is springing up before our eyes but yet many believers in the church are not aware.  It is a case of awake O sleeper and arise from your slumber dear church and see what the Lord of Hosts is dong among the nations. 

My servants the prophets have been speaking of this re alignment of the nations with the purpose of bringing the things on this earth into line with my thinking says the Lord of Hosts.  I say to you my bride, do not be like the Church of Sardis who had fallen asleep.  Wake up and see what I am doing among the nations for I have called forth my Cyrus and I will use him to subdue the nations.  He will go forth and disarm the kings of this world, for have I not spoken says the Lord of Hosts?

I am convinced in my spirit that Isaiah chapter 45 will come much more into prominence in this the Jewish year of 5777.  I sense strongly in my conversations with the Holy Spirit that this chapter reveals the plans of the Lord of Hosts for the nations.  But I am saddened that many in the church are not aware of this new action of God.

Today the western church has become insular and inward looking concerned with their survival and prosperity.  Does the average church member concern themselves with the world’s politics?  Not really, for they are more concerned with their own fellowship whereas I believe the Holy Spirit is knocking on our hearts to look towards the nations.  Today their is a rustling in the nations mulberry trees; if we have eyes to see and minds to discern the sign of the times for we will see the Lord of Hosts Are work.

Let’s look at the Jewish year of 5777 where the letter in Hebrew for seven is the same word as sword.  I have been shown by the Holy Spirit that this is the year of Gods favour and Gods time to shake the nations. 

I have mentioned this in a previous blog that this year will be the year of the ‘clashing of swords.’  Is this then a coincident that on the day 77 of Trumps presidency that US Senate made a historic rules change on Thursday that will dramatically alter nominations to the Supreme Court.  On the same day Trump made the decision to launch the missiles into Syria.  Two significant changes that will affect the course of history on day 77 while in office.  Yes, the Lord of Hosts is showing us his hand.  But can we discern this?

Yes I am certain as I stand in the Lords courts that President Trump is Gods Cyrus as seen in Isaiah 45.

Does any of this really matter and concern us?  Do we really care what the Lord is doing among the nations?  Does this chapter in Isaiah 45 really relevant today.

No mater your answer, for me this move of the Lord of Hosts is a clarion call from the Lords trumpet to Pray, Pray, pray.  Before you wrinkle your mind in a ‘maybe’ do not forget that we are co-heirs with Christ, in the plans of our Father to see that Gods will is carried out in earth as in heaven.  We are, as divine partakers in God’s grace to bring heaven to earth and see Gods glory move into the nations.

We are to pray for all rulers in authority and this is a time more than ever when this call is coming loud and clear from the Lord of Hosts.  Have we heard this call?   God has partnered us in his plans for nations and we are to pray his will through to completion.

The Lord is calling us forth to venture out into the water with Him and partner our Father in this new venture.  God is extending his hand to you to take and walk with Him upon the waters of the nations and observe this new thing that he has caused to spring forth.  Come on says the Spirit take a step with the Lord in this new partnership of praying for the nations and for Cyrus his anointed one, who though he does not know me, I am using as my  threshing sledge.

For many in the church this is a new season for them but the Lord says ‘Take my hand and walk out from your boat; you will not drown in foolishness.’  ‘As you step out your eyes will be opened as a seven day old kitten and my plans and secrets will become clear to you.’

Come says the Lord ‘Let us walk together as we work with the nations.’

 John Knox
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Will pray for the nations..