press into me and press in even more

You have heard it said to pray in Gods will and plans until you breakthrough into the answer. This is not a trite saying but it is a saying that comes from the heart of our Father who has blessed us with good things. Seek until you find, knock until the door is opened and pray until the answer comes.

Daniel prayed for 21 days for the answer to come through due to the principalities and powers warring with the angels. But Michael made the break through and God will send his arch angel to break through for you as you persevere in prayer seeking Gods face with a boldness and confidence in his grace.

For we know that salvation is gained in patience and tribulation therefore I encourage you to stay focused on my face and feel the warmth of my love. Run the race that I have set before you not taking your eyes off the prize that awaits those who overcome by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

The Lord asks that you lean into him and press into his love for this is a time of change and realignment in the times and seasons of God. Rise up my soul and allow the King of Glory to come in and lift you up to a higher plain closer to the heart of the Father. For these are the times of the double portion , the day of acceleration and shifting of Gods alignments and we are called to move with him. Seek him with all your wisdom and strength .for he will be found as you press into his prophetic heart.

Remember that I have said that the righteous person will never be put to shame and will never be shaken for I have placed you on solid ground and your anchor is firm into my heart. Do not let go of my hand for by holding on and leaning into me I will guide you back to the cleft in the rock of salvation, the hope of my peace. For truly you will never be shaken as you hold onto my hand.

You will never be up rooted, for you have been planted in the house of the Lord and your leaves will be shelter to the weary and your fruit will be food for the hungry, for I have feed you with living water from my stream of life.

Look up and see the day of your salvation is nigh, for your tears and fears I have tabulated and will remember them. I will rejoice over you as I anoint your head with my oil of gladness and the sound of singing will be heard in my courts.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Wonderful word wmj. In Him, Les

Deepa N @deepaanne ·