Resurrection Power and the Keys to our Weapons

I believe that I stand on firm theological and Biblical ground when I say that Christ defeated Satan through his death and resurrection.  This truth runs clearly throughout Pauls teaching; that we have been set free from the Law, Satan and death.  He is so adamant on this amazing truth that he can write with joy that he rejoices in his sufferings knowing that a greater prize awaits him.  His letters are full of life, joy, optimism and hope that nothing can separate us from the love of God, which was result of Stans defeat.

But I like to believe that Christ’s death dealt a stronger blow the Stans power and influence than a simple defeat.  I like to believe that Satan’s household was plundered, razed, with spoils taken as we read of David’s victory’s in the book of Kings.  I like to believe that Christ when he was in the grave not only went to preach to the captives in prison as described in 1 Peter 3; but he rode in triumph through the heartland of 2nd heaven to the fury of Satan’s henchmen who looked on powerless to intervene.

I am not convinced that I have Biblical authority to claim this as true, but it does help me to paint a picture of Satan’s humiliation and destruction.  What I do have on good authority is that when Christ ascended in triumph he gave gifts to men.  Ephesians 4:8.  We can speculate on what these gifts were, but they were not restricted, I believe to the so called ‘spiritual gifts,’ and ministries as many will teach.

I like to think that he has given us strategies, weapons of warfare, battleplans of the enemy, the complete manual of spiritual warfare.  Jennifer LeClair has written a book entitled ‘101 Tactics of Spiritual Warfare.’  She has gleaned these battle plans from reading the scriptures and through the teaching of the Holy Spirit.  Such gifts are death to the enemy when he attacks us for we have the weapons and ‘know-how’ to stand up to Satan and fight the good fight of faith.

On thing that I been taught by the Holy Spirit regarding warfare is that as Christ suffered so to must we; in order to share in the resurrection power and the gifts given to men.  Romans 8:17. What, do I mean by sharing in the suffering of Jesus Christ?  As I see it simply this – as Jesus in the garden prayed to his Father; ‘Not my will but your will be done.’ 

Letting go all our worries, anxieties, fears and self-assertions and saying in our heart of hearts as Job said, ‘Though he slay me I will still trust the Lord.’  Only as we deep down let go of our very being, letting go of our personality that makes you, you; in full surrender, will we experience the depths of resurrection power and the keys to the Kingdom.  Keys that will unlock our war chest full of our spiritual weapons.

Whether we like or not we are in a battle to the death for the destruction of Gods power to be manifested in and through our character.  The enemy is out to shut down the glory and resurrection power that has been given to us as a down-payment.  Unfortunately, many of us have surrendered to Satan, but the trumpet call is being sounded as a call to war and like David we need to rise up and ran to the battlefield.

Put on our armour, take up our weapons of warfare and consult our battle strategy and having done all, to stand resolute in the knowledge that the battle is not ours but the Lords. 

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

And yet again your blog marries perfectly with what God has led me to in scripture today.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

You are on very good ground brother.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree!