Spiritual Warfare The Lord Supper

It came to me the other day that partaking in the Lords Supper or Eucharist is a form of spiritual warfare. This revelation came suddenly from out of left field that, as I dwell on it in the following days, was a word from the Lord himself. I am not hearing from the Lord that Communion is an offensive weapon, but more of a covering as in a modern battle, the side that controls the air-space has a superior advantage.

Lets look at the biblical passage from 1 Corinthians 11:17ff. Verse 30 challenges us to partake of the Lords Supper in a worthy manner . In the preceding verses we have a picture of a church that was divided and not bearing the burdens of each other. This explained Paul was the reason why many within the church were unwell and, in some cases, had fallen asleep.

Could it be that illnesses, sickness and disease could be a result of the not honouring the Eucharist in a manner worthy of the broken bread and poured out wine? Taking this a step further; what about those who are not part of the body for whatever reason, who do not remember Christs dearth in this manner of a Communion.

It you can bear with me can we indulge in a simple exegesis of this passage?

Verse 23 on the night he was betrayed I strongly believe this incident of Judass deserve more than a mere glossing over as we approach the Lords Table. As part of our examing ourselves (v 28) we should recall those who have betrayed us, mis-used or spoken ill against us. Bless those that curse you and pray for those you have harmed you says the Lord in the gospels account. Let this forgiveness be part of our approach to the Communion, as was the attitude of Christ on the cross to his accusers.

V 24 when had given thanks he broke it and said This is my body One cannot go past Isaiah 53 where the broken body of Christ brings health and healing. Christ punishments have brought us peace and his wounds have brought healing. A body that is not balanced and is at war with itself, as the medical profession is beginning to acknowledge, develops tumours and associated cell un balance. As we partake of the broken body of Christ we are declaring healing over ourselves and in a wider sense our fellowship.

V 25 in the same manner he took the cup saying this is the new covenant in my blood The blood cleanses us from all un righteousness and sin and in so doing we are redeemed from darkness and sanctified to stand with boldness before the Lord of Hosts. The blood of Christ speaks life, resurrection power and authority. Therefore, we declare our full salvation as we drink of the cup; for now, we can tread on scorpions and lions as we reign as Kings and priests.

By coming to the Lords table, we decree and declare his death over our lifes, which in turn forms a wall around us, for the Lord of hosts becomes our shield and exceedingly great reward.

I believe this act of eating the beard and drinking the wine is a great mystery that has spiritual benefits. I am not delving into transubstantiation or consubstantiation not even hinting at the great theological debate but by doing the Eucharist until the Lord comes we are protecting ourselves from the attacks of the enemy. As I see it: the more often the better.

This worship song fits in well with this blog - It is called Remembrance by Hillsong

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K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

You wrote:

"I believe this act of eating the beard and drinking the wine is a great mystery that has spiritual benefits. "

I do too.