stand on your watch tower

The Lord is marching through the nations; can you hear the stirring in the mulberry trees?  The Lords is marching nearby and the angels are gathering together to bring a break through close at hand.  Look to the nations those who call me by name for you will see that I, the Lord are about to do a new things that will spring forth.  For I am about to do something that you would nor believe if I had told you beforehand.

I challenge those you call me by name, to stand on your watch tower and seek and watch for what I am about to do that which will be marvelous in your eyes.  Today I am speaking across all channels but especially through my servants the prophets.  I am about to rise up a nation that will sweep all before, who once knew me, but now do not, but once again will call me by name.

Once more my name will be heard in the streets and my name will be openly called upon for my forgotten glory will be upon the land.  I will restore the fortunes of the land for all the kings will run to them.

Do you see this happening as you stand on your watch tower says the Lord?  For I say unto you that my word will reap and harvest that which was sown in tears, groaning and prayer before the Fathers throne.  For I am restoring the fortunes of Jacob, for as fresh wine in poured into new wineskins, so will I do a new thing among the nations.

Watch and wait for this will surely come for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the sound of my chariots moving across the earth.  Cleanse your hearts and wash your hands before me says the Lord so that you may stand in my holy place.  For my vision will be seen over all the nations, as I pour out my glory on all the righteous ones, who stand on watch.

 John Knox
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