Stomping and the 2nd Reformation

Each time that I come before the Lord I have a vision of boots stomping across the land as in an army marching to battle.  I first thought was to turn my mind to Jericho and the Israelites marching around the city wall.  But as I pressed in closer to the Fathers heart this did not seem to fit as there was an unease with this understanding.  At this point of understanding the Fathers will it is easy to become confused and not hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, hence delusion can easily set in.

But having lived with the voice of the Shepherd for many years I was able to press into a deeper call to wisdom and discernment.  In doing so I perceived that the stomping boots were the enemy marshalling their forces to lay siege against the church.  This revelation did not come suddenly but over a period of days as I checked and rechecked with the Holy Spirit.

Here is the meaning that I believe is coming from the Lord of hosts.  Be prepared for a battle as the enemy is mounting a count attack against the church.  This siege is to divert the Body of Christs attention and prayer away from the second reformation; which is the move of God that has been prophesized in recent days.  It has come to the notice of Satan’s high command that the church is waking up to God’s plans for the dismantling of Satan’s temples and strongholds embedded in the nations.

I believe that the nations will have prominent position in the end times as they align up with the nation of Israel according to Gods blue print drawn up before the beginning.  Since the dawn of the age Satan has been trying to de rail Gods plans for the glory of the Lord to rest upon nations.  The tower of Babel account in Genesis was an attempt, I believe by Satan to unite the world under one government and nation.

The choosing of Israel by God to be his ‘preferred nation’ was His attempt to use the Jewish nation to influence and be an example to the other nations.  Time and time again Satan would destroy this plan as the Israelites hardened their hearts to the Lord.  Until the chosen people were disbanded and scattered throughout the nations with many going into Babylonian captivity.

Martin Luther in 1517 was used by the Lord to restore his plan for the nations, setting off the Reformation and the Renaissance, but again I believe, Satan stepped in and the protestant reformation stalled as splinter groups spiralled into various denominations.  Once again the ‘price of the air’ was able to rebuild his fortresses into society as the church ‘s influence waned and became irrelevant.

But the time has come again for a move of God against the enemies’ strongholds in the nations.  We see this, I believe in the Brexit vote and the unveiling of the darkness in the film industry and Hollywood as the season of re alignment proceeds.  God is calling for the church to partner him in prayer and warfare in this reformational move of his Spirit, but the enemy is marshalling his forces to distract the church from this partnership.

As Jennifer as recently posted we need to get our ‘house in order’ and be prepared to actively covenant with God in this reformational move and to stand against the siege that the enemy will mount against us.

I believe this is a message to the church as the Holy Spirit is preparing the ‘Body’ to be ready; for the Lord does not act without first telling his children.